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  1. disappointed that he even had any issues with getting "caught up in the lifestyle". everything they quoted from him sounds like a bunch of excuses, but I really hope he will flip a switch and live up to his pre-draft trajectory. grady jarrett can't do it all, he needs a supporting cast on the d-line or else he'll be looking to move on just like #11
  2. yea I don’t get most of the criticism or the notion that he is in his twilight decline. he’s not super old, he has stayed healthy and shows his durability with all the hits he’s taken, and most of all his production and efficiency have seen very high floor throughout his career. and he’s had to change coordinators and schemes so many times. im glad that he’ll be able to have continuity with arthur smith running the offense. hope to see him play 4 more seasons here
  3. I think he really wants to win, like in the worst way possible, so I do like that. he just doesn’t make very good decisions and seems like he’s not passive when it comes to the roster. reading this article from 2 years ago, it’s easy to understand how the past 3 seasons have been a disaster https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2019/3/5/18251585/of-grady-jarrett-caa-and-complicated-falcons-contract-negotiations-thomas-dimitroff-matt-ryan?_gl=1*1n3031z* If all of that is accurate, then it’s infuriating that Dimitroff kept his job for that many years and Blank also enabled it. the agency was like here hold my pocket while I walk around the yard and Blank and dimitroff said ok
  4. yea it's not a difficult choice. Julio at 22 though, imagine if a team had both of them
  5. "For whatever reasons, I'm not sure, I wasn't able to speak with him." That's just flat out embarrassing for Blank, that Julio wouldn't even take his call. A 10-year relationship and tens of millions paid, all that doesn't even merit a good-bye phone call. that is so cold lol
  6. after his rookie year, he was talked about as the new prototype for future ILB in the league. now he's not even mentioned as a top LB in the division. I guess his play has dropped off since his injury but crazy to think he could have declined so fast. really hope he can be a consistent difference maker again
  7. I doubt drafting Trask in the 3rd means they are committed to him as their starter when he does leave
  8. a bunch of analysis in this article about why Franks isn't a turd. idk, he has a long way to develop but maybe the tools are there. skip over the first half of it and get to the section 'Numbers behind the numbers' and it shows he could compare favorably vs the other QBs who were drafted this year https://www.acmepackingcompany.com/nfl-draft-2021/2021/4/15/22386126/feleipe-franks-is-the-most-criminally-underrated-qb-in-the-2021-nfl-draft
  9. he's as good as radioactive as far as Arthur Blank is concerned. no way in heck blank would consider a high stakes deal to bring in a QB facing all those allegations
  10. for the team to shake off an 0-5 start under Quinn and then win 4 out of the next 6 games shows some pretty good unity. a divided team probably loses 4 out of the next 6 after firing the head coach
  11. I don't think Trask is that much better than Franks and Franks was free, so no
  12. I live in socal now and we just replaced our grass with turf. great for our doggo, she stays mud free and it's easy to clean. and don't have to worry about the grass dying
  13. was he on the roster at some point before? don't ever recall seeing him on
  14. glad the Falcons are on the same page with this. It's a crucial issue even though so many people think the pandemic is over, and perhaps most importantly it speaks to cohesiveness in the locker room. if we were at 50%, I bet there would be some players who were unhappy with some of their teammates
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