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  1. Hello! I hate to self-promote, but this is relevant! I have joined with a team of fellow sports writers that will be covering the NFL immediately, with every other major sports league following this summer. Anyways, I have my thoughts on the Falcons coaching search in the article below if anyone wants to read! http://couchcoaches.co/birdseyeview/2015/01/07/falcons-head-into-off-season-with-uncertainty/
  2. We just need to follow those footsteps and be the only home team to win next weekend.
  3. Dilfer is a tool. He said before this weekend's games he was picking Green Bay or New Orleans. He did it to save himself embarassment.
  4. Thanks man. I just went to throw them a vote and saw how misleading it was until you actually submit a vote.
  5. Hi guys, I've been a lurker for awhile, but I decided to sign up. Hopefully I can add a bit to this community. This thread actually got me to sign up, because if you look deeper into that poll, we are actually the 4th highest team.
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