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  1. HE will return. He knows that we have a good team and what we do in the off-season will make us better then this past season.
  2. Green Bay (Monday Night) @ Chicago (Thursday Night) Saints (Here or there) (Sunday Night) Philidelphia (Monday Night) And maybe Indianapolis For sure Green Bay! I can see them puting Chicago/ATL in a prime time slot (just based off the last time they met and how we should've played them this time). Early prediction- 13-3 (we will win all home games) Go Falcons!!
  3. I'm a real fan and will never give up on them. Last night sucked but we are a really good team. We will have a good off-season and get help where needed. No worries, it just sucks to have to wait another year. Peace
  4. Matt Ryan can get the job done! We need another WR a DE and some more secondary help. Sad we lost but there is next year. I hope we pick one or two good FA (VJ is one I would like) and I am not worries about the draft. We have done very well there.
  5. I heard that too! It was nice to hear and I know we will rise up and win this saturday night! Falcons- 27 GB- 17 RISE UP!
  6. Cant wait until next week to see what the media has to say!!! Media sucks! and I cant wait until ATL proves them wrong!!! RISE UP!
  7. I hate the media and it makes me sick on how the falcons lack media coverage and the talk of us being underdogs. But... It will be so sweet to see them win this Saturday night. The Falcons have one thing in mind this week and that is to win and play in the NFC Championship next week. RISE UP!!!
  8. I have to agree... The media sucks, we are the number one seed and I have been watching NFL Network and ESPN and the coverage goes like this... 75% Jets/Pats 15% Bears/Seattle 5% US 5% Pitt/Balt. And if its about ATL and GB it's more talk on GB and how they beat Phili, etc.. (I think yesterday was the first time they really started talking about the falcons) Also on ESPN they had this article on Bears/Packers NFC title matchup.... Why are we even talking about that?!?!!?! ( I know why.... I am sure that is what the NFL wants!, etc.....) It just gets me on how we are treated (been a fan for ov
  9. Lets see what he says when we win the SB! RISE UP!!
  10. Congrats to Smith! Mularkey too.
  11. I expect us to win and the "D" to have an awesome game!
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