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  1. Don't mean to be snooty but last time I checked Mike Smith was the head coach and not TD. I don't think TD makes those kind of in game calls. I don't like how Mike sugarcoats everything in interviews. Him saying Hawley played well out there made me mad and I bet that's what he told him when he came off of the field on Sunday.
  2. That's cute but i'd rather not deal with zombie trolls who come out of hiding whenever the Falcons do bad. It gives me headaches. I mean i think BVG is an incompetent ret@rd just like any other guy but people saying they wished we had give back is too much. I thought we moved past that but I guess not.
  3. If we lose i probably won't return to the boards for at least 5 weeks just to avoid the earthquake that would ensue.
  4. If Hayden and Sanders are cleared to play that would shift the tides. Eagles linebackers thin on experience August 02, 2011|By Jonathan Tamari, Inquirer Staff Writer BETHLEHEM, Pa. - There is a trio of stars waiting to take the field at cornerback. There's a two-time Pro Bowler at one defensive end and prize free-agent signings at the other end and defensive tackle. At safety, the Eagles have two second-round picks. And then there is linebacker, where the top of the depth chart has a fourth-round rookie at middle linebacker and two seventh-round picks on the outside. The most experienced linebacker currently on the first team is Moise Fokou, who is entering just his third season. And even he is at a new position, moved to the weakside from the strong side last season. Apparently Juan Castillo believes being the sibling of an all star is a good enough warrant to start in the NFL. LOLZ!
  5. With ToddMcClure more running lanes should be open. Hopefully Baker doesn't play like hot garbage. Turner needs to have a monster game and we need to build the lead early so we can ground and pound their defense till their is weary of #33. The Falcons probably won't be able to match up against the Eagles with our coaching incompetence so were going to need some luck. A couple of tipped int's here and a loose ball over there . Basically we need an early lead so we can manage the clock and keep the Eagles Offense of the field as much as possible. Their LB corp is young small and inexperienced, this game is not a given for the Eagles yall! Cheer up!
  6. In the upper right corner go to your profile name and click Manage Ignore Prefs.
  7. True dat. It's never over until it's over. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.
  8. Best feature to be added to this board ever! No more having to see Daddy's Home or Swifty and the likes. I won't be losing any brain cells any time soon!
  9. Dam, i'm not listening but from what I see Smith needs to own up and own the mistakes made by this team. Tell us what we want to hear! You fcked up and that we will see a new team come Sunday!
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