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  1. About Damm time we cut Samantha. But in serious, I appreciate all the effort and hardwork from him. Its time to move on. Kroy Biermann is next, it's just a matter of time.
  2. Ohh yeah, they need to make it happen this season or next season.
  3. They better be worried. We swept them with a terrible defense. Once Quin gets that defense fixed. Their worse nightmares will come true. Which will be a long winning streak against them. And a defense that can stop their offense.
  4. Yep, got to clean up some garbage. Under Smith keep garbage around like hoarders. Quinn is going to clean up.
  5. Boo yah. More of these kinds of moves next season. And we a superbowl contenders again.
  6. Well said. If they are on Gurlie's nuts so much they should be rams fans. I guess they like having a onesided team all offense no defense.
  7. No way i pass on Beasley for gurlie. We will have the same issue on defense as last year. No pass rush. Crucified on 3rd repeatedly,Biermann whiffing on sacks. Putting more pressure on Matt Ryan a the offense to score more points. These things leads to firings and more bitching and complaining. Beasley was the right choice.
  8. Wheres Mono?
  9. Wow. doesn't he know that he is getting drafted in three days? I hope we can get him if we trade back or draft him in the 2nd round.
  10. Not again, please make it stop.
  11. Just ruined my day.
  12. I didn't see this one coming. I thought Mass had potential. I guess Quin thought he didn't.