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  1. Everyone has a bad game, we just picked a bad time for ours. It's not time for everyone to start going against the team. Remember, they are still young and will only go up from here!
  2. When running the hurry up offense, why is it that the Colts are the only team that trains their receivers to handle the ball to the official in the middle of the field instead of tossing it to the sideline and then having to wait for the ball to be thrown back in to be set?
  3. We need to get louder, they shouldn't be able to change plays that easily.
  4. They are challenging us by running, we need to RISE UP to the challenge and shut it down!
  5. Like I heard on one show this week, the Packers are high on everyone's radar because they played last week. Everyone seems to forget about the teams who earn a bye week.
  6. That was the perfect drive after a turnover. Showed some skill on an out route, powerful running, converting on 4th and short...end result, Touchdown! Keep up the pressure on defense and get another stop!
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