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  1. That was interesting cuz there were multiple posts elsewhere about him since he released a top 12 that apparently didn't include us but the pic in the edit was of him with Georgia gear on. Then days later, he pops to us...
  2. I'm not sure if I'm the minority but part of me would've likedo for us to hire a QB guy. That being said, I don't know enough to figure out if this is a good or meh. Just hoping we'll be good enough on offense.
  3. I read your post and all I heard was J. Williams, Grimes, and Johnson. Thanks laying it out there sir lol
  4. I currently live in Leesburg so I'm gonna have make that trek up 19 to check them out sir.
  5. Well played sir. I graduated from Columbus High, we used to skip school for lunch to go to Dinglewood. Kinda sad, the little fat guy that was renown for starting up the scramble dogs there recently passed away sometime last year but good food nonetheless.
  6. Unreal the amount of talent in that DB room, especially if we land Grimes and J. Williams
  7. It's funny, Rusty is getting lambasted on the Junkyard board. Apparently he hinted a secret visitor from the past weekend who was a flip candidate. Turns out it was Secret Agent Muschamp's secret agent smh
  8. I meant to post earlier that I'm sure it was nothing more than a top 10
  9. @Carter I have a confession....I knew a few of the names but I felt like you were being backed in a corner to keep talking about Evans lol
  10. Who would you say are the players we're targeting/players that are standing out at RB for the next cycle?
  11. I saw where rusty was saying it still could be Oregon. I wanted to ask can he enroll and be listed as a student at multiple institutions. Maybe he's just shell-shocked like everyone else covering the Evans fiasco lol
  12. I don't understand how they can turn a complete blind eye to what we bring back on defense.
  13. Apparently he wants to transfer to UT to play with his little brother smh
  14. Come on down Broderick Jones.