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  1. Jus for curiosity, what does one do to get banned?
  2. From your lips to God's ears..
  3. Lol he gone
  4. Kirby has some mutual respect for Mason so he won't unleash the hounds lol sounds about right considering Kirby is gonna let the air out of the ball in the 4th quarter
  5. I actually liked his post
  6. AKA he who shall not be named lol
  7. Funny thing, I was watching the "week zero" game with my wife and she sees Mullets for the 1st time not knowing who he was and said he's got a hump back and a face that can't be trusted. Say no more...
  8. Sooooooo him, Sims, and Morris for 2021???
  9. @Ransack thanks for the report man! I feel like one of the more refreshing things to hear is about the DBs being in every receivers hip pocket. I hate to downplay the season and fast forward but in my mind, we are on a collision course with Bama. Hearing good things about the secondary makes me feel better about going up against Jeudy, Ruggs, and Smith.
  10. @Carter I know right! Wiltfong's got an article over saying that we've got the momentum in his recruitment. I was of the mind that he wasn't leaving the state of Texas but if we pull Milton and Evans smh
  11. Zachary Evans has just been Fonged to the Dawgs
  12. Gator flavored tears are indeed the sweetest lol thanks for the outstanding read! Just the right blend of sarcasm, delusion, and despair from the rival I love to hate the most
  13. @RandomFan I feel like since it's from ESPN, I can't take it seriously! Especially after they had didn't rank Georgia in the top 10 for RBU
  14. Grrrrrrrr
  15. Just crazy how many moving parts there are with recruiting. Here's a guy that the common fan hasn't really heard much mention of but he's made at least 4 trips to Athens. I've read elsewhere and not sure how strong the info but that Robinson is looking around. With us not getting Raym, I'd like to see us add another receiver. I'm sure there will be another out of left field high profile commit down the road a la Pickens last cycle. I just kinda bank on it with Kirby and the way this staff recruits.