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  1. What I don't understand is from what I've heard/read, Steele is still on the road recruiting/working. Why wouldn't they simply just name him DC and be done with it?
  2. Thanks @Bdawg58, get us back on track lol
  3. Who are some guys y’all would think most likely to outperform his ranking?
  4. One of my Auburn friends was trying to tell me that we were an option. Found it strange considering he didn’t really seem intent on being paired with Milton not to mention another back in essentially the same class with Edwards.
  5. Any idea on where Tank ends up and is it a given that he’s hitting the portal?
  6. Agreed and not only that but the supporting cast at FSU isn’t comparable at all. Someone shoulda told daddy that his son is gonna see a lot more double teams down there vs Athens.
  7. My hate for Florida is far greater than my dislike for Bama. Bama by 100 please and thank you.
  8. @Carter I couldn't sum it up any better! I was down on my Dawgs earlier in the season then comes the JT game with 400 yards passing and now this! If it does come true smh I'm gonna be drinking the kool-aid for next year all off season long lol
  9. We can't have nice things smh I just don't get for the life of me how Kirby can watch how Bama's elite offense absolutely shredded our elite defense and the thought coming out of the bye is let's get more conservative against an inferior opponent. If anything, we need to be running the offense in game situations to prepare for whats to come (UF and a possible rematch with Bama). I honestly didn't watch the 2nd half and don't know how much more of the Georgia brand of football I can stomach. We finally get a great OC and just so happen to get yet another 5* QB and we're about to piss both of th
  10. I hear him mention DSGB, any idea where in the state he's from originally from?
  11. I'm not gonna lie....i saw how dead the board was and figured I'd have to do something lol naw but I was tinkering with a gif and then it didn't do right then it wouldn't let me delete the post. I feel so old lol
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