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  1. Just bout to say that someone should tell them that it's not 1990..
  2. Dammit man!!!!
  3. Kang doing Kang sh*t
  4. 10am CST or EST?
  5. I would never forgive my parents if they did this to me smh
  6. I assume he's a back up plan if we miss out on Pickens
  7. Total fail indeed...
  9. @SacFalcFan do you think the DC hire will be Ansley like everyone's been saying?
  10. Mark Richt has lost control of Justin Fields
  11. I like the pic but I don't trust none of the trolling lol these kids know grown ups are lurking on social media and looking for reactions. I'd love to have to have Haselwood in this class but I think the ship's sailed.
  12. Probably not, he did spend 2 years at Alabama State
  13. Music to my ears. Outside of losing D. Baker, the 2019 is poised to be quite nasty...at least that's my hope.
  14. Sooooo you're telling me there's a chance...