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  1. I started to ask if you've followed his recruitment at all or are you just tuning in lol there have been many twists and head scratching moments throughout. If we land him in the end (as is almost always the case), everything will be forgiven. I read elsewhere from BB I think that his de-recruitment will be huge. He definitely plays hard and does what is asked of him but he has certainly lapped is up during the process. I have no inside info but here's to hoping we land him again!
  2. I feel like Goldberg....who's next?!?!?
  3. Talk about dream finish! To close with 6 five stars would be amazing and crazy to think that it would blow last yrs class out the water. The 1st four I've heard good things about but those last two (Wright and Sanders) would be the icing on the cake.
  4. Mark Richt has lost control of the recruiting thread
  5. He did not, I read elsewhere that he had some sort of injury this week in practice.
  6. I'm 33...and 6'0" 210 lbs lol
  7. So just to be sure, we don't get another 3 commits again tonight?? Don't judge me...CKS got me spoiled lol
  8. Man oh man! Clearly our recruiters say crystal balls be d@mned!
  9. Ummmm don't look now but it's looking like we just pulled the RB Emery outta LA!!
  10. I feel like all Haselwood does is work, kid is on the camp circuit like he's got a point to prove despite being the top WR in the country.
  11. I know right! I read elsewhere that the dead period applies to him as well even tho he's a transfer. I think I saw where he wouldn't be able to visit until late July. Raises the question of what exactly would he have to see on a visit since he's been through the process once already.
  12. Also, that would be an amazing group: Hardman, Godwin, DRob, Ridley, etc. He was a headache during his initial recruitment but I'd love to have him to take the top off a defense.
  13. I agree wholeheartedly on handling like Jarvis did, I feel like he took enough of us on that magical ride like you said <sarcasm intended>. Any idea on a timeline for a decision and if this changes the board at all for this year's WO class.