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  1. I agree but I don't think reinforcements are coming. At this point Quinn's heels are too deeply dug in with his "next man up" and "trust the process" philosophies. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure we're going to be "trusting the process" all the way to a 5-11 record this season.
  2. So I've attended three Falcons games and one United game this season and I've noticed our division and conference championship banners are nowhere to be seen up in the rafters of the stadium. Neither are our retired number banners. Does anyone know what gives? I haven't heard anything about it on local sports radio nor from anywhere else. Are they just not going to put them up for some reason? Are they hanging in some less visible part of the stadium, becasue if they are, I haven't seen them. Anyone heard anything?
  3. Does anyone know if there is a place inside the stadium where other games around the league can be watched prior to the Falcons game getting started? I'm probably going to the game tomorrow with a guy who's a die-hard Redskins fan. Don't worry, he'll be fully on board with us to root against his hated division rivals. The Skins game starts at 1:00 though, and I'm kind of hoping there is somewhere in the stadium he can watch it. I know there are a snitload of TVs in there and I know they are all on the Falcons game while the Falcons are playing (as they should be), but perhaps one of the bar areas show other games before ours get started maybe? I'd call the stadium to ask, but you can never get a question like that answered by calling the stadium. It's all automated answers to FAQs and stuff. Thanks in advance if anyone knows the answer to this.
  4. "Shoot yourself in both feet". How's that one for a realistic Quinnism? Oh, and if there is one Quinnism they need to drop, it's "finishing", because they are the least "finishing" team in the NFL. Blowing leads is what we are known for. It is literally our identity at this point, without question. How the fruck is that "finishing"? I keep hearing people ask, both here and on sports TV/radio, "What is the identity of this team?" What is our identity? 28-3 is our identity, and that's not going anywhere. Deal with it, own it, and get used to it, becasue that's not changing until we win a title, if that ever happens. "Finishing" my azz!
  5. Not giving Ryan more control of the play-calling from the line of scrimmage is a mistake that they continue to make and apparently are determined to keep making. Sorry if someone's brought that up already. I admit I haven't read the whole thread.
  6. Would they have beaten us if that's what had happened? Meh... I dunno. I'll be honest though, at this point I almost wish that's what had happened and saved us all the pain and embarrassment of 28-3. Sorry, but if I'm being genuinely honest, that's how I feel.
  7. What the hale are you talking about? We are not just now in The Pit of Misery. We have BEEN in The Pit of Misery since February 5th..... DILLY DILLY! Actually, Atlanta pretty much is the official pro sports Pit of Misery altogether.
  8. And the really sad and frustrating thing is, I have every expectation that, by game day, most of those seats currently being represented by little red dots are going to have been bought and paid top dollar for, only the people who buy them are going to show up that Sunday wearing shirts and hats with big, blue stars on them.
  9. Yeah, this. Been told by people behind me to sit down becasue they couldn't see. Their request for me to sit having been the only time any noise came out of their mouths the whole game. Made me want to turn around and say, "No! YOU stand the fk up and make some GD'ed noise!!!!" So frustrating, this city, these "fans". As I stated earlier in the thread, at the Bills game, I felt like my brother and I were the only ones anywhere around us who were making any noise at all, other than the Bills fans. If it hadn't been for the Bills fans in attendance, the place would have had all the energy of a mausoleum that day. If you were there, you know.
  10. During the off season, in the months after Sark was hired, it seems like there was a whole lot of talk about how much we were going to use the no-huddle under him. He was going to bring his playbook and his scheme in, but Matt was largely going to be given the keys to the offense, right? In fact, I'm pretty sure I remember it at least semi-officially being stated the this was going to be Matt's offense to run for the most part, although I can't quote who exactly it was who said that. At any rate, I was pretty excited to hear all that being said, becasue since Matt's arrival in Atlanta, he's always been at this most effective in the no-huddle, when he's calling the plays from the line of scrimmage. I've been saying for years that I think Matt needs to be given the same control of the offense that Peyton Manning was afforded through much of his career, and it sounded like that was finally happening. Now, five games into the season, it doesn't seem like Matt has been given the control of the offense that we heard he was going to be given. At least not to the casual observer anyway. It doesn't seem like they've run what would appear to be a no-huddle offense very much yet this season, if at all. So, it almost leaves me wondering if I was hearing all that no-huddle and "this is going to be Matt's offense to run" talk correctly. Was I perhaps just hearing what I wanted to hear somehow? I mean, did I dream hearing all that stuff, or do others remember hearing it as well? If it's the latter, someone needs to hold Q's feet to the fire on why the supposed increase in the use of the no-huddle and Matt's being given the keys to the offense is something that has apparently failed to occur just yet. So far this season, I don't think I've heard any members of the media bring that up to him or bring it up at all. Has anyone else been wondering this, or was the talk about us using more no-huddle and giving Matt greater control of the offense just a figment of my imagination?
  11. Yep, and this was the lower bowl at the Bills game, well into the third quarter....
  12. Yeah, this. I was at the home opener and it was absolutely electric. Then, I got a standing-room ticket to go to the Bills game, and it was absolutely pathetic. I stood and watched most of the game from the pedestrian bridge, and nobody around me was making any kind of noise at all, except for Bills fans. As usual, I screamed my vocal cords out to try to make up for all the noise other people weren't making. After halftime, there were so many empty seats in the lower bowl, it was beyond embarrassing. However, the line to get Fox Brothers BBQ down below the bridge was so long, it must have been taking people 30 minutes to get to the front of it. As others have pointed out, most of the people who would have been sitting in those seats were there, they were just up walking around "the mall". Maybe when the novelty of the place wears off that particular problem will get a little better but I'm not real confident about that. Later in the game, when the game was on the line late in the fourth quarter, I stood there from that same spot on the pedestrian bridge and watched as hordes upon hordes of Falcons "fans" poured out of the stadium down below, while the Falcons were driving on the field with an opportunity to win the game. Of course it didn't work out, but the people who are abandoning the game and heading for home didn't know that yet, and they were leaving anyway. Again, terrible fans. Totally disheartening. Btw, when I say "terrible fans", I realize that if you are here posting on this board, you probably care enough about the team that I can say that with present company being excluded. However, I've always gotten the sense that the majority of people who show up to Atlanta sporting events are fans only in a superficial sense. They are there more as a social event than necessarily a sporting event that they care about. That's Atlanta. That's how it works here, and I'm afraid the problem is getting worse over time, not better. Oh well, what can you do?
  13. ^^^This^^^ The way this season has started has helped me to move past SB 51 a little, and helped me to not think about it as much, but it will never not be painful. The way I felt on Monday morning, Feb 6th, I pretty much still felt on Apr 24, and June 10, and Aug 3, and so on. I was pretty well stuck there. I thought about it every day, and a lot more than just once a day. The positive start to the season has helped jar me lose from that spot a little, but things still aren't right. A perfect example of that was the Green Bay game, which I attended with my brother. It was a wonderful night, and we had a blast. Still, I couldn't help agonizing over how much more wonderful it would have been if we had been hoisting the championship banner we should have been hoisting that night. My brother admitted he was struggling with that too. In fact, if anyone in that building who was wearing the read and black says they weren't struggling with that, then I don't think they're being very honest with themselves. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt. Sorry, let's just be real. I'm not sure anything can make up for what happened. Nothing will ever change the fact that the team I've loved since I was a kid put me through perhaps the worst choke job in the history of all professional sports in this country, on the biggest stage. Winning a title would be wonderful of course, and would exercise some of those demons, but not all of them. As Sipifalcon pointed out, if we win a title, we'll know we should have won 2. If we win 2, we'll know we should have won 3, and on and on. And are we ever going to win a title? Who knows? Are we truly cursed? S***, we were up 28-3 with 17.5 minutes left in a football game and LOST. I've never seen that happen before on any level of the sport, and it happened to us, in the effing Super Bowl. Sounds pretty cursed to me, and I don't typically even believe in things like curses...... sigh. Anyway, I don't suppose it does any good to keep bringing it up or belaboring any of these points, but I don't mind when people post about it or start threads that allow some of us to get this s**t out of our system. Some of us just need that as catharsis. I think that's understandable, considering what we've all been through. If anyone doesn't like others here bringing this kind of stuff up, just skip these types of threads and let the rest of us commiserate and cry on each other's shoulders as we need to. We're effing Falcons fans here. We may be 3-0, but not everything is sunshine and rainbows and f'ing unicorns, until it is, which it may or may not ever be. Just sayin'.
  14. This is not to mention the blatant PI against Julio Jones in the endzone earlier in the game that didn't get called. I can't be the only one who's thinking that. (Maybe somebody else brought it up already. I admit I didn't read the whole thread.) If that gets called, the Falcons have a first down and the ball on the goal line which means they would have almost certainly scored. They didn't score on that drive, so the refs had already taken a score away from us with that terrible no-call. So, Lions fans can cry all they want. Boo hoo.
  15. So glad the front office decided to stop being bullheaded about the PSL thing and sell the remaining seats that have not gone to PSLs yet as single game tickets. Also, plenty of people, like me, are perfectly willing to stand the whole game if need be. I used to go to Braves games at Turner Field and stand the whole game. No problem. I'm usually too excited to sit down during the game anyway. Now the only question is, do I show up at the gate at 9:00 on Friday and start my work day late, or do I take my chances and show up after lunch, hoping they won't have all sold out yet? That's my only dilemma at this point.
  16. The thing that pisses me off more than anything else about Pats fans rubbing this shiznit in our face, is that they come from a fanbase with 37 pro sports championships in their history. That's right, 37 between the Pats, Sox, Celtics, Bruins and then Boston Braves. We have our one. A New England fan rubbing in their win over us, giving them yet another title and denying us only our second, is like a rich, fat American going to a third world country and rubbing it in that he has a nice comfortable life in the US and plenty of good food to eat. Seriously? Can't you just be happy with and thankful for the fact that you have yet another effing title to celebrate and leave us to lick our GD'ed wounds? Effin A-holes!
  17. I'm surprised anyone here has the stomach to watch the game tonight. I don't. I'd rather have my eyes put out with hot butter knives, then have sulfuric acid poured into the empty sockets, than see the Patriots get their rings or raise their banner or even watch a single down of the game where that happens. I'd rather have my heart cut out of my chest, unanesthetized, with rusty civil war era surgical equipment. If that game were on at my place at the moment, I probably would have thrown up multiple times by now. It's a good night for Netflix, that's for sure.
  18. During week 7? Oh, it will be brought up for a lot longer than that. Especially if we never win a title. It will be brought up five years from now, ten years from now, twenty years from now, fifty, etc. That is, unless and until we win a title. I won't apologize for being one of the ones to bring it up either. That's becasue even if I didn't, even if no one here does, the rest of the world will, and that is never going away now. Here's a little reality check for everyone who says it's time to "get over it" and "put it behind us". The fact of the matter is, the rest of the world is never going to let us do that. Super Bowl XXXIII was just a Super Bowl loss. It sucked, and it was disappointing, and we moved on. In Super Bowl LI, we were treated to what may well have been the greatest choke job in the 120+ year history of all professional sports in this country, courtesy of our Falcons. That SB loss, that epic, unthinkable collapse, will define this franchise and will define Falcons Nation from here until eternity, unless and until we win a title. I'm not being negative, I'm not being a jerk, and I'm not a troll. That is just reality, folks. To give an analogy, (becasue I'm fond of analogies), think of a little kid who craps his pants in the lunch room, in front of the whole school, on the last day of school. For him, the school year ends with him crying and clutching his soiled britches while all the other children laugh and jeer and point. When that kid, (who's name we'll say is Billy), comes back to school the next year, and the other kids start pelting him with spit balls, flipping him in the back of the ears, and chanting "Lil Billy Poops His Pants, Lil Billy Poops His Pants", what do you think is going to happen when Billy says, "Now guys, that was last year! I've put it behind me and moved on. There is no point in looking to the past. The only thing I can do is look to the future."? I can personally promise you that no amount of that attitude is ever going to save little Billy from being known as "Lil Billy Poops His Pants." Not until he graduates high school, moves to a different town, or kills himself. Unfortunately, we are now very much like the "Little Billy" in that analogy. Only for us, there is no graduating or moving to a different town to make it go away. This will be thrown in our face by every opposing fan base as well as by the media for all time. Again, unless and until we do finally win a title. Do think so? Just ask Cubs fans who, until now, have had to endure chants of 19-0-8 everywhere they went, and how many years had that been? Sorry, I'm not very good at math. So, if you really think we're going to be able to put just but SB 51 behind us, I think you're in for a rude awakening. The players and coaches have to put it behind them, becasue they have a job to do. I'm not going to put it behind me until I see a Falcons player clutching a Lombardi with confetti flying around him though, and I think anyone who says they have or they will is in denial. Sorry. So, yeah, its gunna come up.
  19. First, I realize this is a post very few people want to see on the board at this point. The good news is, you don't have to read it. This will probably be a TLDR thing for most people here anyway. Not sure how many posts like this one have been left here in the past few months as I have mostly been avoiding this place since that unthinkably horrible night back in early February. I saw and even responded to one or two in the weeks after it happened but I don't see any like this posted recently. I know most of you are going to say you've moved on since SB LI and that you're over it. You've put it behind you, yadda, yadda, yadda. I haven't. I haven't and I can't. For me, mentally and emotionally, it's basically still Monday morning, Feb 6th. I am still just as angry and just as hurt. That raw feeling of shock and disbelief has hardly ebbed at all. I literally don't think I've gone ten minutes since then without thinking about it and agonizing over it. Everywhere I look, everywhere I go, something I hear or see will remind me of it, all day, every day. This year the Super Bowl took place two days before my birthday. On the night of the big game, I was gathered at my parent's house with friends and family for what was to be a sort of combination Super Bowl/B'day party. Late in the third quarter, I thought I had been given the greatest birthday present I'd ever received in my entire life, courtesy of my beloved Atlanta Falcons. I had finally seen my team, my Falcons, win a title. For years, if you had asked me what the number one thing I hoped I'd get to see before I died was, that would have been it. To see the Falcons win a Lombardi. For a brief while, I actually saw it. The euphoria and elation at that moment was indescribable, as everyone I was with laughed and hugged and celebrated. Then, what felt like the happiest night of my life turned into the worst, all in about thirty minutes. To use an analogy for how the whole thing felt, when we were up 28-3 and I thought we had won for sure, I literally couldn't have been more elated and excited if I thought I'd won a million dollars. Sure, $1M would be a life changing amount of money that would actually have a direct impact on my life while a football game does not, but I swear I could not have been any happier at that moment if Publisher's Clearing House had been at my door with a $1M check. Then, in the end, it was like I was told that a mistake had been made and, not only had I not won, but the person who won instead was some guy who already has $30M in the bank. Then, I had to watch him roll around in the money and gloat. Then just hang my head and go back to my crappy life. That's the best analogy I can think of. That's what it felt like. As I lay awake trying to go to sleep that night, I thought of all the people I know who simply don't care about sports. We all know them. The people who don't follow, watch or give half a rip about anything sport related. Oh, how I envied those people at that moment. Not only that, but I resolved that I was going to become one of them too. In the morning, I was throwing everything in the trash. Not just the Falcons stuff either. All my Braves, Hawks and Dawgs stuff was going too. Every shirt, every jersey, every piece of memorabilia, all of it, and I was never going to watch or attend another game, ever again. This was it. This had finally broken me. I was done, for good. By Monday morning, I knew I that was a path I simply could not go down, but I'm still not sure things will ever be or feel the same. I'm afraid SB LI might have permanently screwed the sports fan area of my brain up. I'm still finding it hard to listen to much sports talk or get into other sports so far in 2017. I also think it will probably be years before I can watch a championship round of any sport unless an Atlanta team is playing. (God willing.) Since February 5th, seeing footage or replays of any team in any sport celebrating a championship just makes my stomach turn and my heart drop. Also, before SB LI, I was really happy for people I know who are Cubs fans, Cleveland fans and Clemson fans. I suppose a part of me is still happy for them, but I have to admit that now there is a part of me that also feels a twinge of bitter resentment. All of the other "finallys" happened in the past year, except ours. I know a lot of you will would try to be optimistic and assure me that we will get that trophy soon. Don't worry about it. We got this, right? Sorry if I find it difficult to be that optimistic. Sure, it could happen, I suppose, but nothing is guaranteed. You know what is guaranteed though? Winning a football game when you're up 28-3 late in the 3rd quarter. THAT'S guaranteed, and it all fell apart on us somehow. In all the hundreds of football games I've watched over the decades, I've never seen a game where a team, any team, on any level, blew a lead that big, that late in the game, ever. The first time I saw it, it was us, in the Super Bowl, and I'm supposed to just "get over" that somehow? No, I will never be over it. So, if your life is so super friggin' awesome and you have so much going on for you that SB 51 was just a mild disappointment which you were able to put immediately behind you, congratulations. I'm happy for you, really. For me, Falcons fandom is a hugely important part of my life and this meant everything to me. I don't expect anyone to have read this far and if they have, I mostly expect them to have only negative, judgmental crap to throw at me anyway. "Get over it" and "spare us the pity party" and blah, blah, blah. If that's the kind of thing anyone has to say, let me preemptively tell them to go boink themselves. I don't need to hear from them. That's not really why I posted this anyway. Not so that anyone would necessarily read it but because I finally needed the catharsis of posting it. It won't change what happened or probably even make me feel any better in the long run, but at least I've said things I needed to say to what feels like a whole lot of people. I'll go crawl back into my cave now. It will be interesting to see how things feel next season. Freak
  20. Fabulist may be unfair. Everything he said was pretty on point. Masochist I can agree with though. You will sooner hear me say, "today I intentionally slammed my hand in a car door just to see how many bones would break and what it would feel like", than say, "toady I rewatched Super Bowl LI". I don't even want to rewatch the first half, because that will only remind me of how excited and happy I was, only to have my heart shattered into a million pieces. I wish the Men in Black could just come and wipe my memory of it altogether with one of those little doo-hickies they have in the movies. As for it being fixed, meh, I dunno. I know it helps us make sense of it and makes it easier to accept what happened, but I just don't know how you can fix a football game unless the losing team is in on the fix and intentionally throws the game. I suppose it's not unheard of though... (Google the Chicago Black Sox scandal or watch the movie that was made about it, Eight Men Out.) At this point I'm more ready to join the camp that believes we are just cursed and that perhaps we have some kind of negative cosmic energy surrounding our sports teams here in Atlanta. Maybe the Voodoo priests in New Orleans were working overtime that night, conjuring up evil spirits and negative energies against us during that second half. Fck, who knows? I say that, and I'm typically a very agnostic/skeptic type person who doesn't believe in things like curses. Like believing it was fixed, that's the only thing left that helps me accept it or make sense of having seen something that was not only heartbreaking but also inconceivable. Instead of "Rise Up", perhaps we should start going with "Reverse The Curse." Not that it will work......... sigh.
  21. Don't know how anyone could have rewatched that game. I will never rewatch it, ever. If I see highlights of it, ever, I'm changing the channel immediately. I already do that with the '96 Series and the 2013 NFCCG. As for how I feel at this very moment, I can best sum it up with the following analogy..... I feel like a kid who just got the puppy he's always wanted for his birthday and was allowed to play with it for three hours, then was made to sit and watch as the puppy was murdered in front of him. That's what this feels like.
  22. If they win I'll cry like a baby. I'm not sure I'll be able to if they lose. Thirty years as an Atlanta sports fan has made me numb and accustom enough to disappointment that I know what mental space to go to in my head to deal with it when it happens. Hopefully I won't have to go to that place tonight but I'm emotionally prepared for it if I do.
  23. You and me both, bro! My brother and I agreed last month that if we win the Super Bowl, we're getting matching Falcons World Champion tattoos. Nothing too fancy, just a Falcons emblem with ... WORLD CHAMPS above it and SUPER BOWL LI below. The LI being on the very bottom below where it says SUPER BOWL. The reason we want it done that way is so that we can add the numbers of any Super Bowl we win in the future below that.
  24. Hi fellow Falcons fans! Been a long time since I've posted anything. Been meaning to post about this for a while. Like a lot of you probably are, I can get pretty frustrated by the lack of crowd noise and fan enthusiasm at The Dome sometimes. It makes me crazy when I'm at a game, the Falcons are on D, it's third down, I'm screaming my head off, and when I look around me, maybe 1 in 10 of the rest of the fans I can see are making any noise at all. Everyone else is just sitting there and staring blankly out at the field like they think they're still at church or something. It's pathetic. I really don't know what's wrong with this town, but I suppose Atlanta has always been that way and, sadly, probably always will be. Unfortunately, the method of turning around and screaming at people in my section behind me to get the fk up and make some noise doesn't seem to be very effective. Instead, I just wind up with row upon row of people staring back at me like I'm the crazy homeless guy on the street corner, shouting at traffic. However, the last couple of times I was able to attended a game, I brought the sign I have pictured below..... So far, it seems to actually help. Whenever I've turned around and showed it to the section behind me between second and third down, I definitely seem to get a noticeable noise response from the section. People don't want to suck, and this little method not only encourages quieter fans to make noise, but is more of a direct challenge. Make noise... or YOU SUCK! The bad news is, I generally can only afford to go to a couple of games a year and, when I do, can only be in one section with this sign. (Obviously.) So, I'd like to encourage those of you who are able to attend more or even all the games to make similar signs and use them at the appropriate moments during the game. Maybe we can start a trend and it would be awesome if we could get people holding these signs up on the big screen for third down defensive plays. So, if anyone winds up making a "QUIET FANS SUCK!" sign of their own, I'd definitely like to hear about it, and also to hear whether or not they thought it made a difference. Oh, and if I see someone holding one on TV this Sunday, I'll be effin' stoked! Ha ha! Freak
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