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  1. I agree but I don't think reinforcements are coming. At this point Quinn's heels are too deeply dug in with his "next man up" and "trust the process" philosophies. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure we're going to be "trusting the process" all the way to a 5-11 record this season.
  2. So I've attended three Falcons games and one United game this season and I've noticed our division and conference championship banners are nowhere to be seen up in the rafters of the stadium. Neither are our retired number banners. Does anyone know what gives? I haven't heard anything about it on local sports radio nor from anywhere else. Are they just not going to put them up for some reason? Are they hanging in some less visible part of the stadium, becasue if they are, I haven't seen them. Anyone heard anything?
  3. Does anyone know if there is a place inside the stadium where other games around the league can be watched prior to the Falcons game getting started? I'm probably going to the game tomorrow with a guy who's a die-hard Redskins fan. Don't worry, he'll be fully on board with us to root against his hated division rivals. The Skins game starts at 1:00 though, and I'm kind of hoping there is somewhere in the stadium he can watch it. I know there are a snitload of TVs in there and I know they are all on the Falcons game while the Falcons are playing (as they should be), but perhaps one of the bar ar
  4. "Shoot yourself in both feet". How's that one for a realistic Quinnism? Oh, and if there is one Quinnism they need to drop, it's "finishing", because they are the least "finishing" team in the NFL. Blowing leads is what we are known for. It is literally our identity at this point, without question. How the fruck is that "finishing"? I keep hearing people ask, both here and on sports TV/radio, "What is the identity of this team?" What is our identity? 28-3 is our identity, and that's not going anywhere. Deal with it, own it, and get used to it, becasue that's not changing until we win
  5. Not giving Ryan more control of the play-calling from the line of scrimmage is a mistake that they continue to make and apparently are determined to keep making. Sorry if someone's brought that up already. I admit I haven't read the whole thread.
  6. Would they have beaten us if that's what had happened? Meh... I dunno. I'll be honest though, at this point I almost wish that's what had happened and saved us all the pain and embarrassment of 28-3. Sorry, but if I'm being genuinely honest, that's how I feel.
  7. What the hale are you talking about? We are not just now in The Pit of Misery. We have BEEN in The Pit of Misery since February 5th..... DILLY DILLY! Actually, Atlanta pretty much is the official pro sports Pit of Misery altogether.
  8. And the really sad and frustrating thing is, I have every expectation that, by game day, most of those seats currently being represented by little red dots are going to have been bought and paid top dollar for, only the people who buy them are going to show up that Sunday wearing shirts and hats with big, blue stars on them.
  9. Yeah, this. Been told by people behind me to sit down becasue they couldn't see. Their request for me to sit having been the only time any noise came out of their mouths the whole game. Made me want to turn around and say, "No! YOU stand the fk up and make some GD'ed noise!!!!" So frustrating, this city, these "fans". As I stated earlier in the thread, at the Bills game, I felt like my brother and I were the only ones anywhere around us who were making any noise at all, other than the Bills fans. If it hadn't been for the Bills fans in attendance, the place would have had all the e
  10. During the off season, in the months after Sark was hired, it seems like there was a whole lot of talk about how much we were going to use the no-huddle under him. He was going to bring his playbook and his scheme in, but Matt was largely going to be given the keys to the offense, right? In fact, I'm pretty sure I remember it at least semi-officially being stated the this was going to be Matt's offense to run for the most part, although I can't quote who exactly it was who said that. At any rate, I was pretty excited to hear all that being said, becasue since Matt's arrival in Atlanta, he's al
  11. Yep, and this was the lower bowl at the Bills game, well into the third quarter....
  12. Yeah, this. I was at the home opener and it was absolutely electric. Then, I got a standing-room ticket to go to the Bills game, and it was absolutely pathetic. I stood and watched most of the game from the pedestrian bridge, and nobody around me was making any kind of noise at all, except for Bills fans. As usual, I screamed my vocal cords out to try to make up for all the noise other people weren't making. After halftime, there were so many empty seats in the lower bowl, it was beyond embarrassing. However, the line to get Fox Brothers BBQ down below the bridge was so long, it mu
  13. ^^^This^^^ The way this season has started has helped me to move past SB 51 a little, and helped me to not think about it as much, but it will never not be painful. The way I felt on Monday morning, Feb 6th, I pretty much still felt on Apr 24, and June 10, and Aug 3, and so on. I was pretty well stuck there. I thought about it every day, and a lot more than just once a day. The positive start to the season has helped jar me lose from that spot a little, but things still aren't right. A perfect example of that was the Green Bay game, which I attended with my brother. It was a wonderf
  14. This is not to mention the blatant PI against Julio Jones in the endzone earlier in the game that didn't get called. I can't be the only one who's thinking that. (Maybe somebody else brought it up already. I admit I didn't read the whole thread.) If that gets called, the Falcons have a first down and the ball on the goal line which means they would have almost certainly scored. They didn't score on that drive, so the refs had already taken a score away from us with that terrible no-call. So, Lions fans can cry all they want. Boo hoo.
  15. So glad the front office decided to stop being bullheaded about the PSL thing and sell the remaining seats that have not gone to PSLs yet as single game tickets. Also, plenty of people, like me, are perfectly willing to stand the whole game if need be. I used to go to Braves games at Turner Field and stand the whole game. No problem. I'm usually too excited to sit down during the game anyway. Now the only question is, do I show up at the gate at 9:00 on Friday and start my work day late, or do I take my chances and show up after lunch, hoping they won't have all sold out yet? That's my on
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