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  1. No going through my old posts trying to find a picture...I guess they only go back so far
  2. Well nix is out. Hard knocks had a cool bit on it and Smitty said it was a roster move due to other injuries. I wonder if someone else will pick him up?
  3. Finally.....I was hoping for this seems like forever. A possible home run hitter take it to the house devin or at least to the red zone.
  4. Murray? Yeah not much there I think I may have been there once or twice lol. We have found a few fans here and there its a challenge but challenge accepted. Maybe we can get this fanbase growing even way out here! If not thats all good too. Just love this team.
  5. Typical bandwagons. Only care about their teams when they are good and not the entire history..why most saints fans are riding the ship..no winning season in their first 20 years as a franchise I wouldnt want to remember that either.
  6. Went up there and watched the season opener against kc a couple years ago with my wife.on our anniversary...great trip. We watched at an Irish sports bar on main st. and had a blast. I believe theres a part owner of the falcons that lives up in deer valley?? You should come out to one game at least or join the facebook group...rise up
  7. I have only found about ten so far. I havent got a chance to take my boy to a home game yet but I will. We are gonna rep our team all the way out here..
  8. I have tons and tons of friends that are big fans and we do that all the time. I host big sb parties and also every week we get a bunch of tv's going sunday ticket and bbq.Just a great change as theirs not alot of falcon fans out here. Im like the lone bird. Would be great for my son to know yhe feeling of veing around some othercfalcon fans.
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