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  1. I really don't know, but his twitter thumb is working very well, lol
  2. Marshall at corner. Dantzler at OT, Wilson at OLB
  3. What really eats at me, was Gentry Estes once said, and I may not be exact, they have a 4 or 5 member staff at Alabama for recruiting. In the articles about Richt's generosity the former Recruiting coordinator made like $30,000 per year....that is insane. I am unsure what Brandenberg(sp) makes but......why is there not a much larger staff for such a vital position for the future of our Football program?....SMH
  4. Your right, must be higher up the food chain as you say.
  5. Exactly, what are we saving this for? Makes no sense.
  6. Honest to goodness made no sense to me either, and believe me I have zero medical knowledge. Thank you for clearing that up for me.....and welcome.
  7. Isn't that the biggest issue we have?! We really need to expand the staff as you said. Do you think McGarity will come off the purse strings and provide the funds necessary? When I look at the staff at Alabama just in the recruiting office it is 4 times more than Georgia provides.
  8. .he was as bad a Fran, if you can imagine. The analogy works.
  9. Part of a thread over on Dawgnation, you would think that Coach T was responsible for every injury this season. He said players were reporting to Richt their displeasure with Coach T. I think there may have been, but we could also make a case for guys like Kwame Geathers who loves Coach T. Radi for some reason has an axe to grind with Coach T, never can or could figure out why.......maybe he stepped on Radi's toes at some point. Memories for Radi must be short, yes we had injury's but remember a few years ago we had half the team out it seemed with many lost for the season. No one really jumped on Coach Van, it is just the way it is. He blamed literally the injury to Tree on Coach T, yet from what we've read about Tree's injury it could have been caused by any number of things not related to S&C. I don't get it, personally saw improvement this season and good gosh, Coach T has only been on the job since late January. Shouldn't we at least give him through this season before passing this kind of judgement? Would we have rushed to the same judgement about Grantham after his first year? Saw McGarity say the other day how pleased he was with the S&C program. So I just don't get it. Radi has continually stoked this perception that Coach T is some old, out of touch fool ever since he was hired. I say he should keep those thoughts to himself, because there isn't anyone listening to Radi inside Butts Mehre anyways
  10. Radi went off on Coach T over on Dawgnation
  11. Because we are cheap....true.
  12. Figured you were joking or maybe ended up in the 4th floor mental ward...... I would rather watch the MAC conference than the big 10.
  13. Not tonight tomorrow. Thank you.

  14. I have no idea when I'll be back on a computer. I got class and then interviews to do for a story, but I'll get on tonight and answer what I can.

  15. KJ, Know you are likely swamped at School. But I will let you know that we will run tomorrow. This will be your post and some of readers would likely want to answer questions from you. If you get a chance, sign in with Livefyre on LHB so you may respond to what you are asked. The Posters on there love their recruiting, so likely some questions for you.