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  1. I'm not grieving at all. I'm still watching the NFL and enjoying my Sundays.
  2. Or maybe people toss up the tickets on the secondary market as a shot at extra $$, if it doesn't sell, then go themselves... Nah, too much common sense in that statement.
  3. Kneel or don't.. doesn't matter to me personally in any way how someone feels about the anthem. I watch the NFL for enjoyment and entertainment. What people do before/after the game has little to no impact on the enjoyment I get out of watching the game. Look people, if some people taking a knee ruffles your feathers so much that you're boycotting something you enjoy, then my opinion is that you're wound too tightly.
  4. I agree with that. I agree that the NFL should likely re-think their policy on this.. not from a political standpoint, but from a viewership standpoint. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, their belief, their objections. The NFL likely is losing viewership to this, and I believe something will be put in place to try to limit that viewership loss -- regardless of "who's right" or "who's wrong".
  5. 3% of the team did something you dislike, if that leads you to 'boycott' the whole team.. then you got bigger issues than 3% of the team.
  6. Same here -- I'm in Columbus GA as well.. was using the fox sports go app to stream using a friends cable account login.. quality gets choppy at times.. drove me nuts. Bought a $30 antenna, crystal clear HD quality of all the locals, CBS, NBC, Fox, etc.
  7. There IS such a thing as good-luck items.. I had a falcons bottle opener in 2010. It got stolen early in 2013. 2010-2012, 10+ wins each season I bought a replacement before the start of 2016. 2013-2015, less than 10 wins each season. We all know how last year went..
  8. Could have lost like the panther's last year and looked like we didn't even belong in the super bowl... but nah.. we went toe to toe with the GOAT QB/Coach. I'm die-hard forever. This loss sucks, but it's just another loss to add to this storied franchise. Will make the eventual win that much sweeter.
  9. Since when has this fanbase cared about what the media thinks? Honestly? Have we ever had decent media coverage? Have we ever been viewed in the way we felt about our team? F'm. Our defense is up and coming. Our offense is (almost) unstoppable.. and now these players have SB experience. I feel good about where our team is.
  10. Brady did what he did against a YOUNG/ROOKIE D that was gassed after losing the TOP battle (40:31 to 23:27 at the end). End. Of. Story.
  11. The truth... is that Matt Ryan has played from behind and won a ton of games in his career. The truth.. is that Ryan didn't miss the block that caused the fumble. The truth.. is that Ryan didn't call the pass plays in field goal position that would have won the game. Should he have got rid of the ball? Yea.. but you know Brady took a lot of sacks too. Blame Ryan all you want.. but take away the holding calls by poole that extended a drive into fieldgoal points.. take away holding call by jake that put us ultimately out of FG range.. take away a missed block by freeman.. take all those away.. and we dominated the Pats.
  12. Bye! I'll be here next year cheering them on in the SB once again.
  13. Exactly man.. Thank you for having some common sense in this whole thing. The real fans know whats up. Everyone.. it happened.. we lost.. the SUPER BOWL. IN OVERTIME---THE FIRST TIME EVER THE SUPER BOWL GOES INTO OVERTIME. We took it down to the wire. Were there mistakes? Yes! Does it make us this horrible embarrassment of a team? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. 30 other teams in the NFL. STAR PLAYERS.. would have given almost anything to be in a position we were in.
  14. Choke? We played in the superbowl. We played **** good in the superbowl. We lost.. someone had to lose. Would the patriots be chokers if they lost?
  15. I've been watching espn all morning and have to say it feels about 50/50 to me...
  16. I've been trying to find this -- I know there was a stretch early on: vs Panthers @ Broncos @ Seahawks Where each of these were touted as the 'top defense' when we played them
  17. What about us die hard falcons fans that just rarely post? :/ /sniffles
  18. Fantastic insight that definitely deserved a new topic. Keep up the good work.
  19. lalalalalala had we made the 4th and 1 you guys would be preaching about how brilliant this staff is. Get over it, we got beat on a play.. it's the NFL.
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