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  1. My concern would be that LF had his most successful seasons when Kurt Warner was QB. LF runs clean and crisp routes and Warner was able to pinpoint his passes to him. We have to ask ourselves if Matt Ryan is capable of throwing strong pinpoint passes to him. I like Ryan as much as anyone but I'm not sure if he has the arm strength to keep LF happy in our scheme.
  2. [As someone who spends a lot of the little that i make on this UNDERWHELMING team (i.e. Authentic Jerseys, memorabilia, NFL Ticket) I AM PISSED!!!! If you make that little you really shouldn't be spending it on Falcon gear............
  3. You understand if both the Falcons and Seahawks win the NFL, FOX, and ESPN will throw out both wins and anoint the Packers and Bears into the Championship game next week. I'm bleeeping tired of this no respect nonsense. IT ENDS TONIGHT!!!!
  4. Yes.....please wear a surgical mask so you can easily be identified!! Be sure and keep yourself hydrated during the game too!!!
  5. Would anyone know what the point spread would have been if the game was being played in Green Bay?
  6. Since I'm too new to start a thread I put it here. I was hoping the Green Bay mascot was coming so Freddie Falcon could whoop his butt. But when I looked for their mascot I got this: The Green Bay Packers do not have a mascot. But as a kid I remember them having a mascot. His name was Packy Pack Packer. He was your typical big plush mascot. Wearing a Packer football helmet, Packer apron and holding some big sausages. "Holding some big sausages"...........now that's funny!!
  7. If we stay away from stupid penalties we should win easily. We can't repeat the "personal foul" penalties we have been taken lately. Those 15yd walk offs would be a killer. We need to play with emotion but not with uncontrolled emotion.
  8. If it's any consolation Linda Cohn and her giant gums still love you.................
  9. The levee has been breached............bye-bye AINTS!!!
  10. ESPN has suspended all programming due to mass suicide of staff........
  11. If it was the Saints the refs would have added time to the clock.....
  12. This just in.....the entire ESPN staff is on a ledge in total despair......more to come!!!!
  13. Speaking of characters......what ever happened to the brotha who would yell from the sidelines during the game to get the crowd pumped? He had a microphone and was always yelling "I can't hear you". He was there early on in the season but disappeared after the Baltimore game.
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