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  1. Revisionist history. No way in the world anyone thought we couldn't pick up a handful of inches... until we didnt. I agree with Coach Smith, just sad the play called was such a slow roller.
  2. Dont knock the optimism of the OP. Clearly it wasn't a real plan to lose -- but his point about respect/fire in the belly/etc is legit IF... our Birds do a little risin' up of their own.
  3. Nice post Rev =D While I usually agree with you, I can't this time. I think Smitty was trying to win this game knowing the Saints' offense is a lethal force of nature.... so take the opportunities when you can. Fear or just a feeling of 'lets WIN this with our offense' instead of 'lets hope we can stop them.' MM sent in the worst play ever on the 4th and a knucklebone. Anything but a slow developing HB dive with a new FB and a tired OL... seriously, ANYTHING else would have been better. Turner's not a launching back so he's not going to leap the pile... Frankly, when the formation came out and the Saints called a TO to make sure they had the right personnel to stop the incoming train of humanity - I thought, "Surely they're going to audible away from the Turner -1 dive.... maybe that nifty PA to TG play we saw a few weeks back that worked BRILLIANTLY." I was shocked and disgusted. Insult to injury I watched the game from a bar in New Orleans............ I agree about RW84. Attitude needs fixing. Maybe he feels vulnerable with all the love thrown at JJ11? Overall Defense is playing better but yes... some guys aren't making the plays we expect of them (hey TD28 -- think you should actually cover your zone instead of leaving 80 wiiiiiiiide open?!) At the end of the day... our team lost and if I were forced to point fingers, I'd point them at the OC/DC, but let's not point too many fingers. There's a certain suited man with a mustache who wants to win right now and get a new stadium and is going through some personal issues, so his patience is surely short.... who will I am sure raise some hard questions this week with Smitty and TD.
  4. Remember that play earlier this year... we stacked like we were about to do the Mularkey Special.... and instead Ryan rolled out and hit TG for 6? Yeah... MM, we know you have the play on your little play sheet...........................................yet?!
  5. I have to agree -- going for it on 4th down was the right call. However, the playcall was not the right call. A QB Sneak would have been a good one, it was 4th and a knucklebone.... or anything speedy. Letting NO stack the box like that against the MM signature play...... not the right call. The players are taking the blame, "failed to execute" and what not -- which is just a polite way of saying they couldn't win that play (NO was all over it) but are better than we are at not calling out coaches. NO's defense stuffed that style of play on that particular down yesterday... they showed they were ready... they had the personnel.... and we lined up and ran right into their hands. IF... IF (and that's a big IF) Turner was a back that "launched" over piles -- well the debate could continue, but since he's a pile pusher.... debates over. Worst. Play. Called. Ever. Between MM's blind belief Turner's bulldozing people and BVG's definition of "zone coverage" -- we're in need of new coordinators. I think yesterday, despite the adversity, showed we have the players... do we have the coaches? (and no, I don't mean Coach Smith, he's gtg)
  6. wow. totally hijacked.... The point of this was the gov can remind the NFL it enjoys: 1. Public financing... so they better deliver and more importantly 2. AN ANTITRUST EXEMPTION. SO yeah, if they can't sort this out they may lose that exemption which would cost them billions. Just like when they tried to keep the Pats game (during the 16-0 run) on the NFL network instead of regular TV -- and the gov stepped in saying bullsheeeet -- they will snap these illionaires off their high horses and (for good or bad) get them back on track. That, to me, says the lockout wont happen... because Uncle Sugar doesn't want it to. All the other stuff you guys brought up, wow. It's nice everyone is political but sheeeeeeet =P
  7. This is good news - a lot of our conjecture here about the Falcons' moves could become less conjecture if the CBA is sorted sooner than later. This veiled threat from Congress is just the kind of thing to kick the billionaires into gear and remove the millionaires' sticking point (We're losing money, trust us vs show us the books)!!! By FREDERIC J. FROMMER, Associated Press Frederic J. Frommer, Associated Press – 59 mins ago WASHINGTON – The chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee is urging NFL owners to open their financial books to the players union, arguing that will help resolve a labor dispute that is threatening next season's games. "Reluctantly, I have come to the conclusion that the only way to sort out this stalemate is for the owners and the league to answer the biggest sticking point: money," Sen. Jay Rockefeller wrote in a Washington Post opinion column on Friday. "What I'd like to see from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the owners is a simple display of good faith: Show the union your books. Don't keep secrets. If there are financial pressures that keep you from agreeing to the revenue-sharing plan proposed by the players, let's see the proof." Rockefeller, D-W.Va., suggested that a neutral third party review the financial data, remove anything sensitive and prepare an assessment of the league's finances. The NFL declined to comment on Rockefeller's suggestion, citing a request by federal mediator George Cohen that the two sides not discuss negotiations while they're in mediation. Those negotiations are scheduled to resume next week. The league has previously said that the players union, which has made similar demands, already has access to all relevant financial information. The biggest sticking point between the two sides is how to divide about $9 billion in annual revenues. The current collective bargaining agreement expires next Thursday, and the union has said it expects a lockout to come as soon as the following day. The NFL hasn't argued that it's losing money, only that it needs to keep a bigger share to finance costs like stadium construction. Rockefeller acknowledged that "some owners make significant investments while managing a professional sports team and I don't want to play down their long-term expenses and obligations. But the players deserve a good-faith effort to demonstrate that these expenses are real and not just an excuse." He said that so far, he's kept a "hands-off" approach to the negotiations, aside from conversations on the status of the talks. But he also said that Congress, "acting in the public interest, has to keep the NFL on track because of the great benefits given to the league by federal law and taxpayer funds and because of its impact on the nation's economy." One key benefit that the NFL enjoys — along with other professional sports — is an antitrust exemption for broadcasting contracts. That exemption, which allows the NFL to sign TV contracts on behalf of all teams, helped to transform the league into the economic powerhouse it is today. As to what the committee will do if the NFL doesn't provide the information, Rockefeller spokesman Vince Morris said that the senator is keeping all options open but is mainly focused on encouraging the two sides to sort this out themselves. Gary Roberts, dean of Indiana University Law School in Indianapolis and an expert on sports, antitrust and labor law, said that whether an employer is required to open its books depends on what it argues during the collective bargaining process. "If owners make representations that they're losing money or that they can't afford a certain term in the collective bargaining agreement, then they're obligated to prove their assertion," he said.
  8. How many Saints does it take to tackle a Marshawn Lynch when the game is on the line?
  9. I bet they dont do a thing personnel wise re: Offense point 2... but I bet we see more passes to backs next year anyhow.
  10. Blew his knee out and didnt get an invite. He's waiting on Cinci's pro-day.
  11. With the resurgence of MV7 and Rothlesraper....... I bet they take him.
  12. He finished at Uni of Cincinatti and blew his knee out last season....... Big ? mark on this guy's knee.
  13. If it hasn’t happened already, Atlanta general manager Thomas Dimitroff is going to hear Vidal Hazelton's name at the scouting combine at some point this weekend. Hazelton, perhaps the biggest draft-eligible name not at the combine, has given his agent, Kelli Masters, some very specific orders. “Get my name in front of the Falcons," Hazleton said. “Remind them that I’m out there. That would be a dream scenario to end up with the Falcons. They’re the team I always rooted for growing up." The fact Hazelton has spent much of his life living in Georgia also is a factor. And Hazelton’s biggest fan (more on that in a bit) lives in Alpharetta, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta. But Hazelton realizes he’s no longer in a position where dream scenarios are likely. That’s why Masters’ job is to also remind 31 other general managers that Hazelton is out there. Hazelton is proof that the NFL and college football are games that move quickly and even the brightest of stars can be forgotten. “I have no question that, if things had gone a little differently for Vidal, you’d be hearing all about him as a first-round pick during the combine," said University of Cincinnati receivers coach T.J. Weist, who has coached 14 future NFL receivers during a lengthy career in the college ranks. “He’s got the size, he’s got the physical tools, he’s a great competitor and he’s mentally tough and a great worker." So why wasn’t Hazelton even invited to the combine? This is where the story veers way off that dream scenario and takes twists and turns that lead back and forth across the country. It could be a tragic story, but it’s not. At least not at this point because Hazelton is adamant that this story is far from over and he's in charge of writing the ending. Before we get to that, though, let’s go back to the beginning. Let’s go back to 2006, when Hazelton was one of the top college receiver prospects in the nation. He signed with a football factory, the University of Southern California, which has produced plenty of NFL receivers through the years. [+] EnlargeKevin Reece/Icon SMI Vidal Hazelton's best season came in 2007, when he caught 50 receptions for 540 yards for USC.The plan was to go slowly and let Hazelton spend his freshman season playing behind Dwayne Jarrett and Steve Smith before making him the main target in the passing game. He led the Trojans with 50 receptions the next year, but things took a strange turn the following season. In the 2008 opener, Hazelton suffered a high-ankle sprain. By the time he returned, Damian Williams, Patrick Turner and Ronald Johnson had emerged and there wasn’t a lot of playing time. While this was going on, Hazelton’s grandfather, James Hazelton, was diagnosed with cancer. Hazelton wanted to be closer geographically to his grandfather. He transferred to Cincinnati and sat out the 2009 season. In a pass-happy offense, huge things were expected of Hazelton in 2010. “In camp last summer, he was looking better than ever,’’ Weist said. “He was just exploding off the ball and [NFL] scouts were getting all excited.’’ The buzz lasted for a little over half a game. In the season opener, Hazelton fielded a kickoff return and tore his anterior cruciate ligament. “It happened on a Saturday," Hazelton said. “I cried on Sunday. On Monday, I woke up in good spirits and I haven’t looked back since. My father and my grandfather raised me to never look back and to only worry about the things you can control." What Hazelton has controlled in the months in between is his knee. He made what doctors have jokingly told him was the quickest recovery ever from an ACL injury. He was even cleared for Cincinnati’s last two games, but didn’t play because there still was the possibility of him being granted an extra year of eligibility by the NCAA. That didn’t happen and Hazelton has moved on quickly. He’s spent the last few months working out at Athletic Performance Institute in the Los Angeles area, along with many other prospects who are at the combine, and he’s actually happy he wasn’t invited. “I look at it as a blessing," Hazelton said. “I’m almost 100 percent, but this gives me more time to get ready." The target date is March 28, when Cincinnati holds its pro day workouts. “I need to prove everything," Hazelton said. “I need to show my knee is back. I love days like that. I’m more anxious than nervous. This whole thing has humbled me and made me more motivated." It’s Masters’ job to make sure NFL teams show up for Hazelton’s workout, and Weist said he’s been getting a lot of calls from NFL scouts recently. Weist is happy to share here the same scouting report he’s been giving to the NFL people. “Look at how quickly he’s come back from the injury," Weist said. “That says a lot about his work ethic. You just don’t come back from an ACL in a few months. He showed he’s going to put in the work and he showed he’s got good genetics to be able to recover like he did. People ask me which NFL receiver I’d compare him to and I say T.O. [Terrell Owens]. He’s a thick, powerful and explosive player. He’s right up there with any receiver in this draft in terms of physical ability. But what sets this kid apart is his maturity. He’s been through adversity and he’s very hungry. A lot of guys going in aren’t as hungry. He’s not going to take anything for granted." Now, let’s go back to the Falcons. Like every other team, they’re not giving away any draft plans right now. It’s obvious Hazelton’s circumstances will push him down into the later rounds or perhaps make him a potential undrafted free agent. Any chance with the Falcons would be a dream come true for Hazelton and for someone else. James Hazelton lives in Alpharetta and is a lifelong Falcons fan. James Hazelton is still battling cancer, his grandson said. “He’s doing all right and he’s fighting," Hazelton said. “He keeps telling me he’s not going anywhere until he sees me play in the NFL." The Falcons have needs at wide receiver, where not much is certain after starters Roddy White and Michael Jenkins. Two other NFC South teams, Carolina and New Orleans, could be in the market for a developmental receiver in the later rounds. Even if it’s not in Atlanta or anywhere in the NFC South, Hazelton believes he’ll be in the NFL soon. He’s not showcasing his talent at the combine, but he’s hoping to, once again, grab the attention that slipped away from him when he works out in Cincinnati. “I’m totally confident I have the ability to play in the pros," Hazelton said. “But next month my job is to go out and show the pros that I can play. I have to make sure they haven’t forgotten about me."
  14. Well, Rice is becoming a moot point really quickly: Coach Leslie Frazier indicated Friday that the Vikings have already extended a contract offer to free agent Sidney Rice and talks are "ongoing." Of course that offer could be a restricted free agent tender, but Frazier is optimistic a deal can be worked out. "He wants to be a Viking," said Frazier. Two Vikes beat writers alluded Friday to a nebulous report that Rice has an arthritic condition in hip. Frazier shot down the speculation, though, insisting the team has no health concerns at all involving Rice. Source: Tom Pelissero on Twitter Feb 25, 1:02 PM Frazier indicated the #Vikings have extended a contract offer to Sidney Rice and talks are ongoing. Rice's agent declined comment this a.m. 32 minutes ago via TweetDeck Retweeted by 1 person
  15. I agree with you re: Defense - but I dont re: Rice. I think he brings a value to the team (and not as a replacement, but as an addition!) Jenks does great things for us - but if we put Rice in the mix in our 3WR sets, he's gonna draw coverage... and Jenks will draw coverage... and Roddy will draw coverage... and Gonzo will draw coverage... and they're all out of coverage! Someone beat someone 1v1. That's why guys are high on Rice. He has shown the ability to beat guys 1v1 and D's have to consider that. AND I think being part of a healthy offense, you'll see more consistent numbers. He may end up with exactly the same figures as Jenks (in addition to, not as replacement), but you know what? I am ok with that. =D
  16. As for BIG $$$$ WR - we'll if we're gonna pay BIG $$$, let's wait a year and bring Fitz to ATL =D
  17. Oh yes, certainly. I am not for signing Rice and forgoing working on our D issues. D is priority 1... Charlie Johnson... and if we can Rice... If not and one's available - draft.
  18. I dont see a problem talking to him UNLESS we really need those 15 minutes to talk to someone we are actually drafting. I am shocked at the harshness of the NO NO NO comments. And despite what you say, I bet more than one of them were WTF WE DONT NEED CAM NEWTON WTF WTH #PI@HDSB#DH no's and not "Nah, dont waste time talking to the kid - he's no threat to us." Well, what if he is? I know one QB that pushed our $h1t in real good who .... was what, last pick? I bet we didnt talk to him either. I was wrong, he wasn't picked last. =P
  19. You all missed his point. He was saying, talk to the kid and get to know him KNOWING we will probably face him twice a year in our division. He was NOT saying draft the kid.
  20. A lot of the Rice equation is based on the idea: A. Huge potential. We glimpsed it that one year Favre drank the nectar. B. He shouldn't command a HUGE salary because he's only got one good year AND he is coming off an injury. While I don't agree, I thank you for your insight. Congrats on the Superbowl too. It's our's next year. =D
  21. Aso would get beat once in a great while IF he was thrown at. Primetime gave up TDs now and then too. It happens. You don't win them all... Grimes is playing high level corner and I am happy with his development. He's not too small, he's not too slow - but he (and all of the DBs for that matter) get stuck in coverage a little too long. Anything longer than 3 seconds is a lifetime in coverage and a NFL QB can beat you if he has the time. To put this into perspective... I assume most of the forum played HS football. Going from HS to college is like night and day. Speed, Strength, and scheme. Instead of a team having 1-3 GREAT players on the field and the rest being poo - the team has 11 great players on the field. Of course, since EVERYONE is great - you get a new definition for great, which in HS terms would be godly. College to the NFL... another night and day. All those GREAT players are average in the NFL. The GODLY college players are the great ones. (and yes, I know some guys blow in college but rock in the NFL - I dont have an answer to that other than poor kid chose the wrong school.) So, in the NFL - you have to be perfect and you don't do it alone. Primetime, Aso, Revis - they ALL need a passrush. Go watch a practice sometime. When they do the cat/mouse drills - you'll see these awesome corners get burned.
  22. White, Rice, Jenkins... that's a solid 3 WRs. TG has one year left on his contract... So at that time, #2 will have to be a new *untested* TE or we move on to the 2nd and 3rd WRs. I do not think we should dump Jenks - but I would like to bring in Rice. I think the kid has potential and he only had one season to show it off. Terrel Davis + JA32 come to mind. If they weren't given the chance, what would have become of them?
  23. I've also heard it compared to the slave (like gladiators) markets in anitquity.
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