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  1. Revisionist history. No way in the world anyone thought we couldn't pick up a handful of inches... until we didnt. I agree with Coach Smith, just sad the play called was such a slow roller.
  2. Dont knock the optimism of the OP. Clearly it wasn't a real plan to lose -- but his point about respect/fire in the belly/etc is legit IF... our Birds do a little risin' up of their own.
  3. Nice post Rev =D While I usually agree with you, I can't this time. I think Smitty was trying to win this game knowing the Saints' offense is a lethal force of nature.... so take the opportunities when you can. Fear or just a feeling of 'lets WIN this with our offense' instead of 'lets hope we can stop them.' MM sent in the worst play ever on the 4th and a knucklebone. Anything but a slow developing HB dive with a new FB and a tired OL... seriously, ANYTHING else would have been better. Turner's not a launching back so he's not going to leap the pile... Frankly, when the formation came o
  4. Remember that play earlier this year... we stacked like we were about to do the Mularkey Special.... and instead Ryan rolled out and hit TG for 6? Yeah... MM, we know you have the play on your little play sheet...........................................yet?!
  5. I have to agree -- going for it on 4th down was the right call. However, the playcall was not the right call. A QB Sneak would have been a good one, it was 4th and a knucklebone.... or anything speedy. Letting NO stack the box like that against the MM signature play...... not the right call. The players are taking the blame, "failed to execute" and what not -- which is just a polite way of saying they couldn't win that play (NO was all over it) but are better than we are at not calling out coaches. NO's defense stuffed that style of play on that particular down yesterday... they showed t
  6. wow. totally hijacked.... The point of this was the gov can remind the NFL it enjoys: 1. Public financing... so they better deliver and more importantly 2. AN ANTITRUST EXEMPTION. SO yeah, if they can't sort this out they may lose that exemption which would cost them billions. Just like when they tried to keep the Pats game (during the 16-0 run) on the NFL network instead of regular TV -- and the gov stepped in saying bullsheeeet -- they will snap these illionaires off their high horses and (for good or bad) get them back on track. That, to me, says the lockout wont happen... because Uncle S
  7. This is good news - a lot of our conjecture here about the Falcons' moves could become less conjecture if the CBA is sorted sooner than later. This veiled threat from Congress is just the kind of thing to kick the billionaires into gear and remove the millionaires' sticking point (We're losing money, trust us vs show us the books)!!! By FREDERIC J. FROMMER, Associated Press Frederic J. Frommer, Associated Press – 59 mins ago WASHINGTON – The chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee is urging NFL owners to open their financial books to the players union, arguing that will help resolve a labor
  8. How many Saints does it take to tackle a Marshawn Lynch when the game is on the line?
  9. I bet they dont do a thing personnel wise re: Offense point 2... but I bet we see more passes to backs next year anyhow.
  10. Blew his knee out and didnt get an invite. He's waiting on Cinci's pro-day.
  11. With the resurgence of MV7 and Rothlesraper....... I bet they take him.
  12. He finished at Uni of Cincinatti and blew his knee out last season....... Big ? mark on this guy's knee.
  13. If it hasn’t happened already, Atlanta general manager Thomas Dimitroff is going to hear Vidal Hazelton's name at the scouting combine at some point this weekend. Hazelton, perhaps the biggest draft-eligible name not at the combine, has given his agent, Kelli Masters, some very specific orders. “Get my name in front of the Falcons," Hazleton said. “Remind them that I’m out there. That would be a dream scenario to end up with the Falcons. They’re the team I always rooted for growing up." The fact Hazelton has spent much of his life living in Georgia also is a factor. And Hazelton’s biggest f
  14. Well, Rice is becoming a moot point really quickly: Coach Leslie Frazier indicated Friday that the Vikings have already extended a contract offer to free agent Sidney Rice and talks are "ongoing." Of course that offer could be a restricted free agent tender, but Frazier is optimistic a deal can be worked out. "He wants to be a Viking," said Frazier. Two Vikes beat writers alluded Friday to a nebulous report that Rice has an arthritic condition in hip. Frazier shot down the speculation, though, insisting the team has no health concerns at all involving Rice. Source: Tom Pelissero on Twitter Feb
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