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  1. Forget Cromartie, I'd rather have Aqib Talib once the Succs release him.
  2. Personally, I think all the critics and media can choke on a big one. Who cares what they say about Matty Ice. His numbers and our success as a team does more than enough to back him up. Besides, he's still young. Ben Rapedyoursister only gets a ton of credit because when he won his first ring, they had the best D in the league. He was nothing more than a game manager.
  3. If anything, maybe we can make a move for Larry Fitzgerald. Other than that, look for maybe Titus Young in the 2nd round. I don't want a washed up Steve Smith or a WR that can't even decide what he wants his last name to be anymore.
  4. I was an Eagles fans (ugh) before my days began as a Dirty Bird. My best friend was 5 years older than me an when I was 3, I decided to follow Philly like he did. But next month will be the 10th year of his passing and I figured it'd be ok now to pick a team for myself. So my cousin, who is now my best friend, was a Falcon fan and growing up around him, I always had a bias for the Falcons. So I chose Atlanta, not only because I love the colors, logo, and roster (no homo), but its nice having someone to root with on Sundays.
  5. I do get tired of that dang Brees shirt commercial. Personally, I don't think the team bus play 60 commercial is played enough, but maybe thats cuz im in PA. But quick question, with the Taints choke and Brees not so good season, does that count as keeping the Madden curse goin?
  6. I was thinking of having a celebration of a Falcons win while showing A Packers fan handing a Cheese Head in for a Matty IceHead
  7. I completely agree. I woke up this morning and my wife asks if I slept good, I asked her if it was saturday yet. When she said no, I told her 'Then no, I didn't sleep well.'
  8. Yeah, I agree with MattyIcy. Special teams is gonna play a big role in whether or not we move on. Or, as my cousin and I like to call it, 'Special Weems'
  9. Maybe...JUST MAYBE, then we will get the respect we truly deserve.
  10. Personally, I think we need to really go over the game tape from last time and improve on what we did before. We played a good game and I have no doubt in my mind we can do it again. Mr. Blank looked awesome soaked in gatorade/water, so why not see it again...or 3 more times!
  11. If you look close enough, it looks like someone is taking a leak in Clausen's mouth
  12. To be honest with you all, I've only recently completely converted over to Dirty Bird-ism. I never really picked a favorite team, just followed the Eagles because that was my best friend's team since I was 3. But on the same hand, I grew up with my cousin, who is a diehard Dirty Bird. So I grew up with some partiality to the Falcons. I followed them since like age 7. So back in week 3, at the beginning of the Vick Effect, I decided to follow the Falcons full time. But, it doesn't matter how people view me for it. Players and Coaches jump teams all the time, so why crucify me for it?
  13. I know of a website that sells authentic jerseys for around $20. The most expensive ones they have are NHL. A few friends of mine have some and the quality is amazing. I've often considered picking up the Turner and Roddy throwbacks.
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