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  1. That's exactly what I said. Cheaper.
  2. **** bro, why can't we just take a win to the house. So what RG3 was done. This is $hit fans on the other side of the field says. Not home team fans. GTFO.
  3. Due to 5-0 can someone please post a gif of Car Banks doing his signature dance? Pre shate it
  4. R2D2 version 0.1 You got knock the f_ _ _ _ out!
  5. Brother you set yourself up for that one. But I feel that line coming off of my TV all week long.
  6. He's been a little off. But he's getting back to himself. We are definitely beating ourselves this game. Minus number 46, he's giving us some problems.
  7. It's a great formation and all. But let Hawley stick to "blocking". I wouldn't rule that formation out, just STOP throwing the ball to Hawley.
  8. The Skins RB is the truth. Reminds me of TJ Duckett in his prime. However, the Skins aren't beating us overall. We're beating ourselves.
  9. Brother please go be part of the Saints organization. You have lost all credit for this one.
  10. That was a good one . I wasn't expecting that. LOL
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