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  1. Scheme changes will do that. I wonder how much dead money the Seahawks had the first couple of seasons under Pete Carroll.
  2. Rooting like **** for him. If he becomes a dependable 3pt. shooter we won't miss Pero at all.
  3. Lakers forum is that way. <=================
  4. I think it was the two year contracts. This was their plan the whole time. I could see DMC feeling slighted by not getting the all star nod.
  5. I'd like an elite rebounder or someone who can create his own shot.
  6. I couldn't agree more. VERY few QBs can win without balance - both offensive and defensive balance. It's about time he didn't have to shoulder the entire load.
  7. I agree with KoG except for Kaep, mostly because of what those QB's are asked to do and the fact that they do it. I think Matt is about to take a step forward though.
  8. Does it make you feel better that former Jazz players are making such a big difference for us?
  9. Fwiw, I tend to agree with you. I'm just glad we are trying to address the issue.
  10. But who knows how much competition is enough? Or if our veterans are truly healthy?
  11. If some players need the extra motivation that comes from competition is it really wasting money?
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