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  1. I’d rather have Michel than Chubb if were looking to replace Coleman. He’s the better receiver out the 2. He might be gone by our pick in the second. Great mock to me overall though.
  2. It makes sense that Freeman would be on the field during the 2 minute drill. He's the better receiver between him and Jackson at this stage in his career. Quizz should be the one mad losing his snaps.
  3. I think it all depends on what Hester's role in the offense will be. If Hester plays the slot then we should probably get rid of Hd and lets Johnson and Davis get those back up roles. HD really isn't needed now. I think Johnson will make some big plays this year especially if our line is improved and Matt has more time to throw.
  4. Nix is quick. I think he could play defense in passing situations. He was a beast in that Alabama game. He could cause havoc which is good even if he doesn't make the play. Preseason needs to hurry up and get here.
  5. I liked this as a DL. I think he could play DT on pass rushing situations.
  6. TD doesn't care about the fans. He doesn't take popular guys.
  7. Its pretty dumb to draft a small corner when we just saw these big azz receivers get drafted into our division.
  8. Td will probably drafta DE projected to go undrafted. We should have taken mason or sims. I would be happy if we cound get williams or deanthony thomas. Seastrunk would be good if hes there.
  9. I don't think we will sign him now that we got Arenas. Hester is a great returner but where else can he help us. Is he a better receiver than HD? If not then we don't need to pay 4 mil a year to a return man. I would love to have him but not at that cost.
  10. It would be alright as longs as we got another early second round pick to go with it. We would have to pick up a decent tackle in the second and then get a pass rusher like Attaochu or Ford. If we can't get an early second then we can't afford to pick Ebron.
  11. We are gonna be alright. We're not going to sign a big name pass rusher but we may pick up a few decent guys. We have Kroy coming back plus Mass and Maponga showed a bit of promise last year.
  12. I would love to have him but I don't know where we get money from to pay him. I don't think Revis will take that big of a pay cut but we could use his man to man ability.
  13. Robinson should be good after OTAs and Training Camp. You have to keep in mind that Auburn ran a pro style offense for a year before Malzahn came back. He should have some knowledge of pro schemes and protection. Look at his film from last year.
  14. Even at the level he's playing now he's still better than any pass rusher we have so it would be a good sign.
  15. I've seen him play a couple of times at QB. He runs pretty hard. I think he could play some RB for us. I don't think he can play defense though.
  16. I don't see why you guys are hating on this guys like this. None of us have ever done any work in the NFL so we don't know if this guy is lying or not. NFL scouts and front office people see things way differently than fans.
  17. You should post more dude. I see some guys are hating but it soinds like you onow what youre talking about. Anyway watkins would be a good fall back pick bit but I think someone may want to move up for Manziel or Bortles.
  18. This is true. Players who had problems in college usually stay clean in the NFL. Its the good guys that go bad.
  19. I don't think Darius Johnson will be there for long. He'll get picked up by somebody. Dimarco my get taken by a team who needs a FB.
  20. I don't like that we have 5 RB on a passing football team. Darius Johnson should have made the team.
  21. I remember him playing at Purdue a couple years ago. I think would be in his late 20s by now so I don't know how much he can do.
  22. Robiskie may not have done much in his career but I'm sure he'd be a better option than Davis, who I like a lot. Harry has made some plays but I don't think spot should be cemented. The guy's dad is a receiver coach, he should at least be technically sound. Lets at least give him a shot in camp and the preseason.
  23. I like Drew Davis. He actually missed out on a couple of opportunities to make some plays last year. He could have had a couple more yards. It will be hard for him to get more touches now though especially with Steven Jackson here and Coffman possible getting involved.
  24. I hope Alford is the one returning kicks. I really don't think this depth chart is that reliable. Anyone on this board could have thought of this.
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