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  1. Maybe he can take M.Jenkins' spot. Hopefully will be in a lot 4wr sets in MM would open up the offense.
  2. Roddy doesnt need to be there because its just 7on7. A hour a day wont make or break anything for him. All these workouts show is that when the season starts that Ryan will be able to trust julio to come through for him.
  3. Stafford needs to hit the weightroom so he can take all those hits so he can be on this list And Detroit needs to draft someone to protect him. I understand drafting Suh and fairley n the first round but then they draft a runningback both years.
  4. Jacquizz would look like a beast in #22. and it would be the doubles in the backfield. #22 #33 #44
  5. Dude? you hate the whole team. Are you even a falcons fan? We have a great linebacker core if any other spot on our if good. Turner just rushed for 1300 yards. The rest i agree.
  6. The falcons just have some awsesome players. But I do think the defense need to change. The whole game the middle of the field was wide open every time. Also it seems like vangorder is afraid to send more than one guy on the blitz. Hopefully there will be a new OC as well. Some on who spreads the field with more of a quick strike offense. Josh McDaniels would be a good OC. With his offense and the right draft picks the falcons could have one of the top offenses in the league.
  7. Are you serious? AJ Green is a top 10 pick and think he will fall to the 27th where the falcons pick? We just need some speedy players not another possession receiver like green. Really we could use a new Oc and Dc because the plays we have are horrible. Really I think you dont know anything about football and you just take ideas from other people.
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