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  1. That's real good to hear! I'm glad it's good. Not surprised he needed surgery but shoulder operations are a bish I know. 6 weeks in sling, 6 weeks of rehab.
  2. I don't care how we do it, so long as we get the next Superbowl, I'll be happy.
  3. would be nice to get lucky like the Skins did with Morris and Texans did with Foster.
  4. "if" Abraham didn't get injured... maybe? Just maybe.. a Superbowl appearance.
  5. I reckon he's just a good ordinary linebacker that can tackle. TE are becoming more athletic so makes it hard for ordinary linebackers to cover.
  6. I would've loved to see him try. See him get smoked anyway lol
  7. 1. I really believe Falcons have got this. Standings: Falcons, Saints, Bucs, Panthers. 2. Best offense? Saints. With Payton back in, I see him and Brees just posting up points all season long along with a heap of yardage. Falcons are right behind them, assuming Gonzalez comes back. Keep an eye on Newton & co. too. 3. Best defense? Bucs. #1 rush defense, I see them making moves to stop the pass. Bulding their defense to stop Ryan, Brees and Cam Newton.
  8. Like some have said, A Niners rematch would be sweet. A blowout on the road.
  9. I can't wait for this. Get some new blood in this team. Edit: P.s. I actually am surprised myself.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwqSuEEn4vI :P
  11. I dunno. This was the same dude who called a fair catch against us on a safety punt when he needed to return it. Not that it mattered though.
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