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    Aftermath reacted to Falconsfan567 in Spoon Gone?   
    He's not. Just another Falcons player that TATF overrated beyond what they really are, average.
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    Aftermath reacted to TheFatboi in We Were On Our Way To A Blow Out....   
    It did and I agree with you. They played loose in the second half but they killed the first half after he got on them. I would rather him go over there with that Smitty smile and simply say "Guys we can't have that" and laugh that one off. Even the play calling right after the pick was tight and scary.
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    Aftermath reacted to Karst41 in We Were On Our Way To A Blow Out....   
    I hold Smitty Accountable as he is losing control of the team.
    Andy Reid ver 2.0
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