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  1. Reynolds is gone, we have no RT, no RG and no center, the need was not met. We could have brought in 3 dozen guys like Reynolds and it wouldn't have made a difference. We could put Stephen Hawking on the depth chart behind Matt Ryan, that doesn't mean that our need for a backup QB has been met.
  2. You realize that position coaches do very little actual scouting right? the scouting is left to the GM, who then relies on the head of scouting. So you want me to believe that Pat Hill told TD "want some understrength, under conditioned turds" and TD just obliged? Why hire a guy who wants players like that in the first place. Both Konz and Holmes it the mold of the types of guys we have drafted since 2008, ultimate responsibility lies with TD for picking the players and with Smith for picking the line coach.
  3. 2-3 offseasons like that, a HC change, and an attitude/philosophy adjustment and we may just be ready to play with the big boys again.
  4. so who's decision was it to try to build both the OL and DL with late round guys? Baker was a 1st round pick and his resigning was arguably the biggest mistake TD made last year, waste of a roster spot. Konz is a second round pick who also appears to be a waste of a roster spot. Holmes was a third round pick, waste of a roster spot. Doesn't really matter where we pick linemen at, we aren't getting the talent we need to keep the boat afloat.
  5. No, the lines didn't go unattended, the picks we burned on the OL & DL were just wasted.From 2008-2011 we were working primarily with guys that were already here when TD and Smith got here. Even though we had years to prepare we had no answer when we let Dahl go, we had no answer when McClure retired, and we had no answer when Clabo walked (even though he has been shltting the bed in Miami) Its the NFL, you can't have 3-4 years to get ready to replace a guy and then not be able to replace him when the time comes. Saying that TD and Smith haven't improved the lines over six years means that
  6. No, I understood completely, just don't get how trying to blame Pat Hill, who TD and Smith hired, makes people somehow think that the line is going to be magically fixed with a new OL coach. Jesus could be our OL coach but we wont be going anything without some actual NFL grade talent up front. Hill worked with what TD & Smith gave him, which was a puddle of shlt.
  7. where did I say there was a fall off between 08-11? What I said is that TD & Smith have made no improvement to the line over the past 6 years, and that statement is still true. You should be able to build a solid OL over the period of six years, we haven't even drafted a single player on either line that could be considered a legitimate starter. Baker is average when he isn;t hurt, but he is always hurt and Kroy well, he is what he is, a role player. 16 guys on the OL and DL have been drafted under Smitty and TD, none of them have panned out in the least. Our lines have been getting gradua
  8. +1, it sucks though, knowing that we will be wasting yet another year. It isn't going to get easier to build a team over the next few years, its only going to get harder with Ryan making what he makes and JJ getting overpaid we won't have much chance to build the team the right way. Our window didn't just close, it slammed shut and TD & Smith put a few nails in the frame.
  9. haven't improved the lines a lick over six years, kind of unrealistic to expect them to do it in a single offseason.
  10. The people that think we can turn this thing around with a few tweaks here and there are in for a rough couple of years. We couldn't build a solid enough team witha QB on a rookie contract, it isn't going to be any easier now. Not to mention the fact that JJ is going to get paid eventually. Both the OL and DL need some serious attention, just just a guy here or there, we could easily use 33 new starters on each unit, 4 depending on how you feel about Baker and Osi. Then you factor in the fact that we need a RB, a guy or two at LB and a new FS and you are looking at more damage than a short te
  11. Ryan is about 20M past being our Russel Wilson. One of the reasons why the Seahawks were able to build such a complete team is because they weren't paying a Great (not elite) QB 20M, they were paying a good (not great) QB the lowest salary in the league. When you pay a single player as much as Ryan is getting there are going to be multiple hole in the team no matter what.
  12. 7.6M for Blalock, Jesus Christ.I get that the dude is a vet and is the only consistent guy on the OL but he is the definition of average. Dude is making twice as much as he should be.
  13. not really, considering had he actually hit that performance escalator he would have most certainly been cut.
  14. don't remember you saying the same thing last year after he got bounced out of the POs.
  15. add the fact that he can't stay healthy to the fact that he is an average LB but not a play maker and you get a guy that you know TD is just going to overpay. Spoon gets so much hate because so many of us hyped him up so much. Many, myself included, thought that he had the potential to be a top LB in the league, now it has become clear, and regrettably so, that he will never really be anything more than an average backer.
  16. See Spoon as more of a hype man than an actual leader. Nobody has stepped up and said "this is my D." We don't necessarily have to have a leader on D but it does help.
  17. in the end the GMs and owners are to blame, When a franchise commits a sixth of the salary cap to a single player there are going to be expectations of greater performance, no matter how unrealistic they may be. Really the only thing that paying QBs this much accomplishes is handicapping the team.
  18. I've never really hear the media criticize Smith or his PO record.
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