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  1. doesn't help that we vastly overpay to keep our own young and decidedly mediocre talent on the team.
  2. the fuk did I just read? this is some real housewives of the AFMB type of shlt going on in here.
  3. currently we have one established, yet over aged, pass rusher in Osi. That's one legit 4-3 DE. Unfortunately, we are running a hybrid, meaning we need to have guys that can play both the 4-3 and the 3-4. When we are in a 4-3 we have no legitimate DE to line up opposite Osi and when in the 3-4 we have no legit OLBs to rush from the edge (no Biermann, lol). So no, we don't need another pass rusher, we need 3.
  4. there is generally an order of culpability when it comes to NFL franchises, the coordinators almost always get blamed first, then the HC and then the GM. The Owner of the franchise on the other hand is responsible to no one but himself. The fans may bltch and moan about decisions that he makes (i.e Jerry Jones, the corpse that was Al Davis and Dan Snyder) but in the end there isn't really much we as fans can do about it. Owners of NFL teams lack accountability, its just the nature of the beast. I don't really like the way Blank runs this franchise, I think he has been a little too involved in
  5. cold really use a 3-4 OLB, 2 really, since we are headed in that direction. Only thing we have at that position right now is depth and a vastly overrated Kroy Biermann.
  6. Well, if we get DM at least Bradie Ewing and Mike Johnson will have some company on the IR list.
  7. Step 1: Cut aging, over the hill veterans Step 2: Sign aging, over the hill veterans Step 3: Profits!
  8. Its important to remember that the Falcons have absolutely no leverage when it comes to contract negotiations. JJ could be in a wheel chair with a broke back and we would still have to pay him what he wants because of what we gave up to get him. Can't spend that many picks on one guy and let him walk after his rookie contract is up.
  9. might be cheaper to resign right now but you are still going to be paying a WR that averages 11-12 games a season over 10M per year, if TD didn't sell the farm to get him I'd say let him walk and spend that money somewhere else but alas, TD did, so we will undoubtedly overpay to keep him.
  10. the caliber of in house talent that we are forced to waste money on is pathetic.
  11. I'd cut Osi, but I'd cut a few other guys first, especially DeCoud & Jackson
  12. starts at the top with the "awe shucks" attitude of Mike Smith. Nobody in this franchise has taken the reigns and said "this is my team," Not TD, Not Smith and Not Ryan, everyone is too worried about playng nice and sharing. The era of good feelings needs to come to an end in Atlanta and it needs to happen soon.
  13. Think most of us came to this realization when he supposedly came back for one last shot at the SB, pocketed 7 million dollars. and proceeded to skip training camp and suck lemons for the first quarter of the season.
  14. 5th round pick probably, which is exactly how he plays. Talks like a 1st rounder, plays like a 5th rounder.
  15. must have left out the head of scouting part, oh wait...
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