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  1. TD's Needs based drafting strategy strikes again, with starting talent still on the board we take a backup.
  2. Sad day when the fans of the team have more common sense than the GM
  3. don't really see how anyone can say that he has fixed a dayum thing yet, haven't event play an official snap. Hope its not in the same mold as the "fixing" he supposedly did over the last few years, especially last off season.
  4. I love JJ, but I don't know how you can look at the Jones trade, knowing what we know now about his injury issues and the number the trade did on our depth, and still think that it was a good move. The Jones trade is why we were 4-12 last year.
  5. if you are still having the is he or isn't he elite discussion going into a QB's 7th season I think you already have your answer.
  6. giving up picks is a surefire way to turn this 2 year rebuild into a 3 year rebuild.
  7. As few as possible, we shlt the bed constantly during prime time games.
  8. Our caps will be bigger than ever, and our tips shall be the strongest in the league.
  9. Think of whatever number you believe is too much, increase it by 40%, and that is what TD will give him
  10. Only realistic if you drastically overpay every fan that participates
  11. If anything, I think missing out on Bush would serve as a bigger incentive for us to trade back and pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd.
  12. Should also probably sign another washed up RB while we are at it, you know, just for funsies and all.
  13. nice to see guys like him putting in the effort when we have other guys that are in their 3rd or 4th years and still haven't put in the extra effort to get is peak playing condition. We had more than a few guys, most on the OL, that just showed up pathetically out of shape last year.
  14. would probably be more along the lines of grumble and spark.
  15. easy out would be giving him season tickets to the Mercer Bears football games, still technically honoring his word while at the same time serving as a nice "fuk you and your college team" to a rival fan.
  16. ton be fair, I don't think that even Vick would be delusional enough to consider his brains to be a legitimate weapon on the football field.
  17. not going to judge until I see the contract details, especially the guaranteed money and signing bonus.
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