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  1. That gif perfectly sums up the state of the Falcons D since Smitty has taken over.
  2. Meander on down to Peachtree street and pick up a few whores, shouldn't cost more than $40 or so, more if you want them to have teeth.
  3. Moore has had his air share of injuries and inconsistent play as well.
  4. Every time I bemoan being a Falcons fan I can't help but remember Bills fans, poor Ba$tards
  5. Lol at Antone Smith being mentioned as a factor, he will finish the year with 300 yards and 2 TDs on 5 carries. Way to go team!
  6. We are saving money for an emergency, when said emergency occurs, we will fail to use said money.
  7. I'd quit watching for the rest of the season, TG should have retired after 2012.
  8. is running the same play on fourth down every time really that ballsy?
  9. Pretty sure 2013 was vaginal bleeding, who knows, 2014 might be prolapsed anus.
  10. HD being our third best receiving option makes me cringe, Article is spot on about the RBs in the passing game, hopefully we can utilize freeman a bit more than we have with other RBs in the past.
  11. 6-10/7-9 Will be lucky to win three division games, Payton will continue to outcoach us. Everyone is going to have to stay healthy and a significant majority of our new additions will have to live up to or surpass expectations (not likely) for us to get a winning record this year. Way too many question marks on this team at the moment, including guys that have been here for a year or more.
  12. This team should have done a lot of things over the past few years, but keeping DeCoud is not one of them.
  13. Julio so big, they might not have room for him on IR.
  14. someone punch Gazoo in the cooter again?
  15. I think we got a lot of "depth" guys and only 1-2 actual starters, disappointing given the amount of talent that was still on the board in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Only guy I'm really excited bout is Matthews, still not sold on Hageman, disappointed in the FS pick, like the RB pick, don't think we should have went to the well for a LB 4 times.
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