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  1. If Dog Killer wins a playoff game, or god forbid a superbowl, after getting his **** pushed in in prison the media would never let go of it. It would be another Saints Katrina story that they will always fall back on.
  2. My hate for vick is obviously skewing my view a bit. Last thing I want is to get bounced by the Eagles and then watch herpes sore go to the Superbowl.
  3. Pack would be easier to beat than the Eagles, and if the ack wins that means it is the Bears or Hawks in the NFCCG. Both of which we can handle. If the pack is going to be the hardest team we face in the playoffs I'd rather do it coming off of a Bye.
  4. Dont really see the point of playing the Hawks if we get bounced by the Eagles in the NFCCG the next week. Andy Reid owns us and we havent beat the Eagles since they signed Vick. Dont really want to push our luck.
  5. After what we just saw on Saturday I dont see how anybody with any ounce of logic can still refer to playing Seattle, or any team in the NFL for that matter, as having a bye week.
  6. I'd prefer if the Eagles go ahead and get eliminated, wont have to worry about Herpes sore coming to the dome and filling the place with vick fans, which are arguably the worst and most ignorant fans in the NFL.
  7. Dilfer is such a POS, worst analysts out there.
  8. I'd rather the Eagles get knocked out, road to the Superbowl would be a **** of a lot easier if the Eagles and Saints get eliminated before we ever play a game.
  9. really wish that dude would just hush, every time he starts jawing it seems like he fails to back it up on the field, and we cant afford that.
  10. I would be elated, that would mean our two biggest competitors have been eliminated from the playoffs.
  11. you're going to count his rushing yards but not his fumbles? sounds a little biased to me.
  12. you should see it when the eagles and their fans come to town, the ****** ratio shoots through the roof.
  13. I wouldnt mind seeing Vick in a few weeks, that means we made it to the NFCCG. And if we get beat by Vick, oh well, wont be the first time his play resulted in a Falcon's loss.
  14. 2007 may end up being the best year ever for the falcons. On top of Dog Killer getting cut from the team and sent to jail, (where I am assuming he was violated daily) Petrino jumped ship and hightailed it out of town. This led us to Smith, Dimitroff and Company. White turned into an elite receiver with a real QB throwing him the ball, and of course we got Matt Ryan.
  15. congrats, it took herpes sore nine years and a stint in prison to turn into a QB. Maybe if he wasn't such a lazy POS he would have matured five years ago.
  16. yeah, I like how the Packers dropped 30 points on the Bears with their run game....oh wait.
  17. I always thought Mike Smith & Co were very good at making adjustments, especially at halftime. For some reason we didnt do it vs. Nawlins though.
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