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  1. Saints are playing like a team fighting for the Division, the Falcons on the other hand are playing like a team coached by Mike Smith 0
  2. My only wish is that Julio Jones could catch passes as easy as you catch feelings.
  3. he's averaging 3.8 YPC, not exactly a worldbeater. Freeman has the better average. Jackson is averaging around what the burger was in 2012. No matter how much you might want it, SJax is no longer going to be the type of back that carries a team, or even provides them with a respectable running game. The only reason he is still getting playing time and not regulated to goalline duty, which is what he should be doing, is because of his contract. It must be noted though that he is far from the only guy still seeing the field because of his contract rather than his performance.
  4. Who said anything about Turner? I wanted the burger gone after 2010. Have we won because SJAX has got going or has he got going because we were winning? its alot easier to turn the ball over to the RB for a dozen carries in the second half when you are up. The old addage that "we win when our RBs get X carries" is backwards logic at its finest. Teams with the lead run more in the second half, so RBs get extra carries. Giving a RB a certain amount of carries does not guarantee a win, but winning does generally guarantee that they get a certain amount of carries. If we gave SJAX 20 carries in th
  5. I always enjoyed running on 3rd and Long back when we had Turner circa 2008-2010. Having a RB pick up a 1st down on 3rd and long will completely deflate a defense.
  6. You have not watched many falcon games have you??
  7. Steven Jackson has yet to provide the Falcons with a solid running game at any point in his tenure, expecting him to do so at this juncture is asinine. If the argument is that we need a RB to gain minimal yards but wear down the D over the course of the game Freeman has much more upside than Jackson at this point.
  8. The fact that an over the hill RB is the key to our O should tell you something about the state of this team.
  9. Smith was a good hire in 2008, his retention past 2011 was not.
  10. The fact that you have to alter these two words you mentioned in order for us to understand what the heII you are talking about really says it all.
  11. given the team we have fielded in the aftermath, yes.
  12. Smitty isn't the same type of coach we had in 2008, he has change a great deal over the years, mostly for the worse.
  13. I entirely expect to see Mike Smith working as a cart pusher at the closest Home Depot to Flowery Branch this time next year, though tempermentally he would probably be better suited as a Wal-Mart Greeter.
  14. Think the better question, and one that we should be asking ourselves as fans, is are TD and smith ruining this team?
  15. Smith finally admits to what many of us have been saying for years, shocker.
  16. I was down for the 3 seasons ago firing
  17. please, oh please, tell me how I should act and feel as a fan of the Falcons.When you're done, perhaps you can come on over and wipe my azz as well, I understand the principle but not really sure I have the technique down yet.
  18. At this point, realistically speaking, what good is a win? if this team somehow squeaks into the PO's a one and done won't be far behind. Sure yo can use the anything can happen in the PO's argument but Smith isn't the kind of guy that takes his team to the next level in the PO's, its been quite the opposite actually. I stopped caring about regular season wins when I realized that Smith can't get this team to do anything in the POs.
  19. Sitting at 2-3 with a dumpster fire of a D and a HC that is obviously missing a few chromosomes and there are still fans that are more concerned with the opinions of other fans than the state of the team.
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