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  1. Hate to see Quinn's term start off with a bad move like this, Spoon will inevitably be overpaid by TD and spend another season rehabbing alongside his buddy Willy Mo. Should go ahead and cut both of them fragile Mizzou boys loose and start fresh. If we don't commit to a rebuild even Quinn won't be able to help us. The one move away philosophy has grounded this team season after season, please don't let it happen again.

  2. How many offensive coordinators have the power to bench their #1 WR mid-game without even informing the HC that he was benched? Happened with the Jets when Shottenheimer was there. Rex found out when asked about it by reporters after the game.

    what kind of HC doesn't know that his #1 WR isn't on the field? And what kind of HC would give an OC that kind of power in the first place?
  3. The Falcons just don't have enough talent outside of a few skill players to compete at the NFL level. We have let guys walk like Abraham, Lofton, Turner and of course the retirement of Gonzalez and have not replaced those players with NFL ready talent.

    Those guys you mentioned, with Lofton as the exception, were all nearing the end of their careers and were not playing at a high level. We didn't let Gonzo walk, he retired. Our mistake with him was agreeing to let him skip TC. Lofton isn't anything special, we knew it, and now Saints fans know it. Abraham had a good season after he left but he was fragile (like the rest of our roster) and was in decline. In hindsight, the dried turds we replaced him with didn't quite fit the bill. Our problem is we let older guys retire or walk and we bring in guys that are just as ****** or just as old to replace them. Abraham for Osi and Turner for SJ, those two moves alone were incredibly ********.
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