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  1. Well well I see some of the same faces are still floating around here. . Been a while. How about this defensive class coming in. Pruitt has recruited as well as anyone I can remember at UGA. It's going to be a fun last month.
  2. I believe the job has to be officially posted for 7 or 14 days before it can be publicly filled.
  3. Never gonna happen with him being on probation and such. Richt won't hire a guy with a record.
  4. I agree Carter. The alternate uni was an escape goat to most fans that didn't want to remember how bad we played in those games. Should let the seniors choose what game each year or whenever they do it. I would be good with each year personally
  5. Exactly. I think the argument of the "fake juice" or the argument about oh no we lost to bama in them is a tad bit ridicolous. Those uniforms didnt let bama score 31 in the first half. They also didnt let recievers run all over the middle of the field against Boise. What they did do was make the crowd absolutely unreal loud and vicous. It may be one of the top 3 loudest and excited I have ever heard it. As Beach dawg said its great for recruiting as well. Kids love it. I really think that it should be used for 1 home game a year. Let the seniors pick what game that will be while they are in Fall camp. Let it be their reward for tirelessly working their a$$ off for 4 years.
  6. If this was a bet on what round he gets drafted in I would easily take that bet. With atleast 3 Abs ahead of him I dont think he gets close to being drafted in the 3rd. Dont get me wrong I love his game but Barkley, Bray, and Wilson have the intangibles NFL teams drool over. Trust me again I hope has such a good year that he is sitting in New York at the Headsman ceremony because that means we are probably headed to Miami!
  7. Dont forget about Barkley either. He is almost assured of being a first rounder. So with that you are looking at Murray being no earlier than the 4th QB to get picked. Im not sure he will be that soon either. And about him being 6` 1" that would be a measurable the school puts out. I looked him level in the eyes. Im barely 6ft. I know 1 inch isnt much but it means the world at the combine.
  8. your first comment about this was pointless and not needed on this board. Regardless of that you are correct I wish our team would do a bettr job of staying out of trouble but I will give Vasser some credit. He got arrested the next morning on his way back to Athens. He wasn't out driving around after being at the bar. So I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he tried to be responsible. He should of slept a bit longer though.
  9. In case any of you are interested here is Christian Robinsons blog as they travel through Italy this next month.. Enjoy!
  10. He will not have a formal pro-day. Said his leg feels 100% and is in indy to let the NFL drs to look at it.
  11. Actually the jersey was one of the only things I liked. That and the gloves.
  12. Could be a new hire on our S&C staff. Mutual interests between the 2 parties according to Gentry at 247. What so you guys think. Good hire if it happens Imo.
  13. Or you could try to keep him where he is and change everything to muscle and put him in at Inside linebacker and he would just be a beast stopping the run.. I think there is a team to the west of us that has a pretty good defense that has some fairly LARGE ILB
  14. For a 16 year old this kid has it figured out.. Hes pretty correct on 90% of everything he says.. The video was made in september so some of it has changed..
  15. For a 16 year old this kid has it figured out.. Hes pretty correct on 90% of everything he says.. The video was made in september so some of it has changed..