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  1. Too soon. Just a little insensitive too but i see where you're coming from.
  2. We should draft Ogletree. Dude is monster and could help out the Linebacker Corps in coverage.
  3. The Ravens had fans? Oh yeah after they won the Super Bowl. and honestly I just dont like how Seattle has one good season and get all this media coverage and other nonsense when we've had five and the media hates us. BUT if i wasnt a Falcons fan Id be a Seattle fan because of what Marshawn Lynch did to the aints in the playoffs Mine are 1. the aints (don't even have the respect to get capitalized) 2. The Ravens (bandwagoners) 3. The Cowboys (grew up in Redskin territory)
  4. Good work as long as he knocks out at least 10 reps. 405 is nothing to an NFL player or even a D-1 college player.
  5. Who couldn't love HD?? Other than Aints fans and the other 12 teams we played and beat. #RISEUP And it's a shame that you have to add the caption at the end.
  6. woah woah! wouldn't go that far. She makes good Youtube videos.
  7. It Optimus Grimes wife's fault he signed with the dolphins. She used her wife charm to convince him to move to Miami so she could have a good time. She does make good youtube vids of Brent's life though.
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