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  1. Nah, it was more of a backhanded compliment. NO worries. Take it easy. I was just looking around.
  2. 8 wins is 8 wins. NO is playing better, more complete football than ATL. And that is a fact and negates your "post". It' all good. We will see in a few weeks.
  3. Ain't nuthin crackin in Rival Central.
  4. Point is those teams the Saints beat, beat your team. It' "any given Sunday". Saints can only beat the teams put in front of them, which they have done. Eight straight times. The Falcons lost to a few of those teams. Nobody is asking you to be impressed.
  5. Yet some of those sane teams that the Saints "got fat" on, got fat themselves on the Falcons...
  6. I stop by every now and then but there's never nothing going on.
  7. What's wrong with the pick??
  8. Trade back. Whoops, the pick is in.
  9. ATL take Beasley. Not bad.
  10. 31 of 32 teams is a tad more than multiple.
  11. Hey man, sorry I didnt get back wit you earlier. I post alot from my phone and it wont let me see your messages!! Like I said sorry about that, don't want you to think I was high siding you or something!

  12. I plan on it man, trying to work as hard as I can. That sounds like a good road trip, have a good time man and be sure to relax. Thanks man, take care, I'll talk to you soon