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  1. The VA per local MOUs will also assist civilian hospitals with equipment needs as well. The emergency management official at your hospital should know the correct channels to go through. Hope this helps and good luck. Stay safe.
  2. Contact your local Department of Veterans Affairs hospital. I know since they are not for profit, they stock up on these things. Have your Emergency Management person contact the VA's EM person. You should be able to get masks, maybe even PAPRs.
  3. So y'all wanna be part of the Sean Payton coaching tree? If you can't beat em', join em....
  4. Dude got seriously hosed on that sack that the refs called roughing the passer.
  5. "I've thought about this a lot," he said. "Would I like to be a head coach again? The answer is: absolutely, yes. But I want to make sure I go into a situation where we have an opportunity to have success. I want to know what the salary cap situation is, I want to know what the vision of the owner is, I want to know how involved he's going to be in the operation. I want to know who the general manager is, and I want to know exactly what his vision is as to how we're going to be successful. "I don't want to go through what I've been through already. I got into this to have fun coaching the game of football. I enjoy coaching and love being around football and the competition. I love being able to call plays on defense and match my wits against whoever is calling plays on the other side. If the right job comes along, I think I'm better prepared to do that than I was before." http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001074223/article/dennis-allens-star-rising-again-with-saints-defensive-turnaround The question begs, is, or could be, Atlanta the right situation . . .
  6. I'm thinking 34-21 Saints, with most of the Falcon scoring in the 4th quarter, just like the Chicago game.
  7. Of course some Saints fans are here, just as some Falcons fans are on Saints boards. Some of us go to other teams boards to see any tidbits of info. Most of us don't go around making up stupid posts. You are not even a Falcon fan.
  8. The way things have shaped up, when the Saints go to ATL it's been a home game the past 3 seasons.
  9. I think it's also the intangibles. Players love playing with each other and our locker room is the only club in the NFL after a win. Keep in mind, like Ray mentioned, the FO is lights out in draft evaluations. I think Coach Payton builds his system to the players' strengths, not the other way around. Then the FO accurately targets players that fit in the system.
  10. Actually quite a few Saints fans post here. A few Falcon fans post on Saintsreport.com. It seems you a soccer and Braves fan post here as well. Per your posts, you have a very limited knowledge of football, so welcome to NFL football. The fans are passionate and the action is fast. Enjoy your time partaking in our sport.
  11. I saw the game on TV and I could feel the energy. The crowd noise was a problem for the Cowboys. Glad we got the win.
  12. Dude isn't even a Falcon fan (not that I blame him). I think his chick ran off with a Saints fan because she wants a winner.
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