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  1. Nah, the best QB in the league beat you twice. The first time running the ball and the second time throwing to no name WRs.
  2. Saints will pick up Sanu (if released) and Brees will make him a star...
  3. Anything can happen. We shall see brah. Oh yeah. Dallas smacked us tonight.
  4. Ha ha ha! You are a dumb ***! I've been around here longer than you son!
  5. How stupid are you, I mean really? You do understand that Payton did not coach in 2012? I mean there are programs you can attend to increase your education, such as GED, English as a 2nd language, etc...
  6. Come on WFW, it was like two seasons ago. Obviously Payton did figure it out because here we are in the present time contending for a division title, have already swept the Falcons, and contenting for homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. Sure, we haven't won jack yet, but at least we are in position to get invited ot the dance. I'm sure yall would kill for a 7-9 season at this point....
  7. Not as much as what's going wrong for yall!
  8. No doubt the Saints were bad back then, but your "run" ended in what? Where was your team during our "successful" Super Bowl run. I haven't mentioned the epic fail that was your Super Bowl. Seems like you have the little pecker syndrome over that. Move yo' *** around!
  9. So, how did those two L's THIS SEASON taste?
  10. Where is your team in that clip? Oh wait. It's pretty sad when you have to use other teams clips from the prior season to make you feel better. How did those two L's taste?
  11. Nobody is gloating. I simply gave my observations. Seems like you are overly sensitive right now. Truth of the matter is you don't have any serviceable depth. Saints have injured players right now. The difference being depth.
  12. As an outsider looking in, your team's problem is depth. Your receivers as a corp are top tier. Nothing else is. You have no depth on the O line, LB, and DB. Right now teams are running through your O line like metamucil through an old guy and getting to Ryan. Ryan doesn't have the time to get a good ball to your talented receivers on a consistent basis. On the defensive side you get gashed and bombed on. Jones is a good, fast LB, but he is susceptible to z power running game. That dude from Yale is serviceable, and that's about it. Neal and Kazee are good, but they need a supporting cast. Fix your lines, your team will be better and I can return to hating you rather than feeling sorry for you, like Coach Payton did.
  13. Thanksgiving 2018 he did. Your own fans even acknowledge as much.
  14. You honestly think that was the difference in the game? Had those plays not happened the Falcons would of won? You honestly believe that? What game were you watching? Payton called off the dogs when it was apparent that your team cant get out of its own way.