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  1. I agree! You have to understand that Falcunt fans will always look for the excuse. They can't handle that they stink. Good win today Houston- Bravo, I applaud, Bravo
  2. Hey, 2-2 out of their last 4. Just hitting their stride That's Houston's pro bowl QB, Yates, right?
  3. The dumbest move by the falcons was trying to get receivers that could stretch the field. It is dumb because Meg Ryan has a noodle arm and horrific deep ball accuracy.
  4. 2-2 over the last 4, yeah you're hitting your stride
  5. All great teams lose to a team missing their starting and backup QB, their best defensive player, and lose their star wide receiver during the game.
  6. Okay, let me see if I can follow the logic- losing in week 10 is good. Okay, yeah, alright let's go with that crock of ****. This way the fact that we missed an opportunity to take the lead in the division can be overlooked. Yeah, its always better to lose than win. I just iwsh the Saints had gone 0-16 the last 2 seasons. Could you imagine how good we'd be from all that losing.
  7. Me too, Me too Can I laugh at you NOW!!!! WHO DAT WHO DAT WHO DAT WE DAT WE DAT WE DAT WE DAT WE DAT
  8. Dude it took balls to do that- I respect Mike a little for that too. He didn't lose for lack of trying to win. See you guys in Dec!
  9. Without a doubt. Ugly yes. Alright, got a joke for you guys. Knock knock who's there can't get 4rth and inches cant get 4rth and inches who? cant get 4rth and inches Falcunts suck!
  10. Absolutely. You have a future guessing people's weight at the carnival. 30-43 322 2-0
  11. The Saints are better, and the proof of that is that your coach believes it. No team plays that way unless they think they are playing a better team. It was coached as if you were trying to steal a win, not beat a team you are superior too. It is a great rivalry and the game in New Orleans will be great. Not an easy win for us, if we are able to get the win. Really great game today!
  12. I am not sure what that means, but apparently the Falcons and their fans are terrible at all kinds of things. Well, that makes them world beaters, and really legitimizes one of your wins. They generally call them adjustments. That's what the Pack did. I wonder if Shoddy White (mr. push off) is still running his mouth about how they are the better team, etc etc. Your team just stinks. You have noodle arm Matt Ryan, and a horrible defense. Queue the bus commercial, it makes it all better Jimmy Graham rocks your dirt box
  13. You're telling me that you don't think it is because you stink?
  14. These are question that I ponder. I believe I have an answer. You stink.
  15. You should be. You are home, so that helps. If you were going there you'd be losing that too. I think you have might win at home. It wouldn't surprise me if you lost. Ryan has a noodle arm
  16. Oh, sorry to hear. That was a good draft day trade. Paying dividends
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