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  1. For some strange reason Matt Ryan makes terrible decisions and comes off as nervous in playoff situations.However I do beleive that he has the potential to mature and become a great quarterback.No he is not as good as Bart now, but you can rest assured he is not going to be going to another team for a long long time.It is also silly to try and blame the playoff loss on him alone.Our defense looked pathetic.The Packers did not punt all game.You can't blame that on Ryan.
  2. Well at this point he is all we have got.I agree with you that there is something wrong with the guy when it comes to a playoff situation.Like Aikman said there is not a quarterback in the league that could have made that throw (the one that got picked on the sideline).Why he did that is beyond me.One of the most bonehead plays ever.I am really hoping that he matures enough to handle those playoff games.
  3. The African American community is mad because The Atlanta Falcons decided to move on and release Vick.Their anger about the situation is displaced and directed towards supporters of the current team as well as the new quarterback ,instead of the individual named Vick who brought the problem upon himself.Individual responsibility is frequently absent in today's society.Moreover they saw Vick as a hero,but instead of moving on and becoming Eagles fans they continue to hang on to the glory days when Vick was Their quarterback.
  4. I so agree about the zone pass coverage never being changed up.The Packers recognized and exploited that soft zone all night.It's hard to rememer a game where the opposition did not have to punt all game.
  5. Tramon Williams said in an interview that he knew what was coming by the formation the Falcons lined up in........and what does Ryan do ?.........here you go pick six.
  6. If you put some hot sauce on it it's not too bad.Why did the Falcons this year remind me so much of the Braves? Winning games by the slimmest of margins,no confidence from the national media,,but yet I continued to believe and talk them up.However when it came down to crunch time they choked.Next year I will continue to be a diehard fan....... a quiet diehard fan.
  7. BVG and every fan watching in the Dome and on TV could see that the Falcons defense was getting disected because they continue to play that soft zone coverage and never switch it up and play man.
  8. If the individuals that hold those tickets were actually passionate football fans and not just priviledged jaded hacks who want to make a buck by selling them ,then the dome might be full of Just Falcon Fans.
  9. My friend in Miami said they would gladly trade Jake Long for Matt Ryan.
  10. Falcon=Majestic bird of prey....... Packer=Well.......there you go !
  11. it seems as if most of the former players who are now media along with some of the writers are picking The Falcons.Tiki Barber,Jason Cole,Deion Sanders,Meril Hoge,Chris Mortensen,Eric Allen......smart media and guys who have been there.The rest are just hacks.
  12. You guys get a female without facial hair and the place is paralyzed.hahahhhah
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