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  1. Just saw TG's WR film. I love to have lockdown DB's, but I'm going to be kinda sad if we don't leave him at WR (I think that's the plan). That kid has got 'IT' as a WR. Regardless, I love having options with 5*s
  2. Fantastic! I caved and bought a 247 subscription, but my new year resolution is to come back to where it all started (AFF) more! Good to see ya DawgBone!
  3. WHATS UP YOU DIRTY DAWGS? I had to stop by to see if Sac changed that profile pic! What a dang amazing hire! Awesome recruiter, great coach, and good guy! Can't wait to see that defense in 14'!
  4. I think UGA should be dang close to, if not, having the number one rated class in the country next Monday. Galliard is a huge prospect and is truly elite on film. I think this is shaping up to be one of the greatest Mark Richt classes, and I think Lo Carter will be the one that decides if it is the most herald classes he has ever brought in. Those back-to-back East championships have played big divideneds, and I can only imagine what would happen if we nailed down that elusive National Championship soon.
  5. To add to my point, ray Drew has put on 30 LBs since HS. Street would be 300 LBs if he did that. That's a force at DE
  6. I have a question about Street being a "tweener." What qualifies him as that? He is 270 LBs as he starts his senior season of high school. When ray drew ended his senior season he was 247 LBs, so that one makes since. Mike Thornton was only 280 LBs coming out of HS, and he is our starting NT now. I just don't understand why our coaches don't think Street could put on 15-20 pounds and be a monstrous DE for us. Thoughts on why he is a tweener?
  7. Gaillard! I still think we flip Kendall to OL and get back on Street hard!
  8. Haha this is the funniest thing I've seen today lol. I just died! I hope you are right too90%
  9. Yeah there is no way that happens. We have a need for RB next year and we will have a surpluss the year after that. I think he sees considerable playing time because I think JJ is too small to be able to ground and pound later in the games. Marshall has a lot of nagging injuries and while he will get a lot of touches along with Gurley we are going to need a RB that can take a beating. I think that's Turman and not JJ.
  10. I think Marquez is going to be a really good one for y'all. Hoped we'd put up more of a fight with you but we went with the JUCO Rumph instead. For the dawgs I'm going to go Tray Matthews and Brendan Langley. I think Langley starts game one against Clemson. On offense I'll go with the redshirt WR Blake Tibbs. He will crack the lineup some like Conley did as a freshman and I think he'll make his opportunity count just like Conley. Also wouldn't count out A.J. Turman.
  11. I don't particularly blame him, but it is shocking that he chose to slap the school in the face and basically call them out for pushing athletes through the academic side. I know most schools do it but it is still shocking to see that lol
  12. "it's like you have to try to fail" in the classroom WOW. http://sports.yahoo....-091739231.html
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