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  1. Ogletree picked up on DUI. Some kids just never learn
  2. Yeah this is what worries me because after Taylor, Thornton is gonna be THE guy at NT! Yikes!
  3. Who's fault was it we didn't have depth? Garrison smith barely played til Abry got hurt, ray drew FINALLY started playing at the end, Marcus Thornton never played at all. We had depth, but you can't sit them on the bench all year and expect then to be able to contribute at the end of the season. We had plenty of DL depth at our 2 deep and some three deep spots
  4. This is a money statement. He had more defensive talent the UF and Bama combined and we weren't on either if their levels
  5. I know what you mean man. Some guys like A.J. always had it, but the Blair Walsh's, Reshad Jones's and a few others make me smh lol
  6. Not to be a debbie downer, but we have 6 pro bowlers, 3 golfers in the top 10, and didn't win a NC at either sport while they were here. Haha how's that for bad mojo?
  7. Called fire my man. We didn't have it when we were 6-7
  8. Or any game for that matter lol
  9. To be fair, Stafford should have jumped. You can't do any better than 1st overall. And honestly we have had a pretty good run lately. Boykin came back, and the entire D last year. There is no way Rambo should have come back but he did so it jasnt been too bad as of late for us
  10. Jarvis needs a couple picks in these next 2 games
  11. Dang sac hope you get better soon!
  12. UGA #3 in coaches poll and AP poll. Got a first place vote in coaches! That a boy CMR!
  13. Those are some good points Sac. This Ole Miss team was no pushover on offense. They score more and even gave up less to Bama than to us. Our defense was absolutely swarming to the ball and it was amazing to watch. That safety by Tree was a beauty! The turnovers are coming and it is paying off big time.
  14. Yeah i hear you man. I kinda said that because I have a sneaking feeling he IS going to be our first stringer at DT lol. I seriously doubt Kwame stays. He is gonna take the money
  15. I could see Sheldon Dawson challenging for a CB spot. Also, we could see John Adkins rotating into that DL and Tim Kimbrough challenge for a OLB spot imo.And don't forget Johnathon Taylor. He will play, and if Kwame leaves (which he probably will) he will probably start. Chris Mayes will be in there some too.