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  1. 96,wears grown up diapers, his balls touch his knees and he shakes uncontrollable, Yep, I'd say he's old.
  2. I would shake your hand and buy you a pretty little umbrella drink. Doesn't change the fact I would say other things.
  3. Exactly what I just said. In person, on a message board, on the phone, it doesn't matter, I am who I am.
  4. That's shocking after seeing your lips so firmly planted on their *** just now.
  5. Invite them to your hot tub. If you're going to kiss ***, go all the way.
  6. 🍻
  7. And see, you almost regretted Unbanning me. The love for us is hard to deny.
  8. I'll look for it a little later but if you have a minute, can you add a link for it. I have insomnia and my doc told me to try whiskey. Lol.
  9. Clay Thompson is in trouble! lol
  10. Says the man that spend 20 years trolling this board
  11. Badussy
  12. Getting him to admit he's wrong is impossible. We will see Obama become the leader of ISIS before it happens.
  13. I know it has a picture of you next to the definition
  14. PP?
  15. No way Crook ever came close to worst poster. You win that by landslide every year. Take a bow