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  1. For the Republicans, Nikki Haley would give all 3 a solid VP candidate. Being a female and she's fought the establishment looks good for conservatives. For Democrats, I agree with the above, Warren seems like the most likely choice. Hillary may go another direction if she believes Warren would overshadow her. I can definitely see HRC being the "One woman show" type. If so, someone like Retired General Clark wouldn't be a bad choice. He has close ties with the Clintons.
  2. 1 pressure and 1 qb hit That's what he has in his limited snaps.
  3. constantly attacked? You were the first one to troll everyone. Your prima donna ******** started most of the mess in here. You think just cause your 96 year old *** decided to change your persona that that made you off limits, not a chance grandpa. You give and you get, but you were too soft and went run to Tuggle,knowing how he would run in here with his pretentious, megalomaniac ban hammer. Go to tatf and this place would probably get a little better.
  4. That's good bud. Now if the dog was good and the wife was crazy, you'd have a problem. Lol
  5. Who called his wife, work, etc? That is ******* sad if someone did that. WFW, you **** well know your stupidity played a huge part in "that mod" coming in here acting like white cops in Baltimore
  6. He's got your act nailed 100% correct. You started getting your *** handed to you and you ran to the mods. The "splinter board" is nothing like you're trying to portray it as.
  7. It says the Saints finished with more wins than the Falcons.HAHAHA
  8. Karate..... HahahaI'd hurt them..... With my... Fist to their face
  9. Hahahaha haha 😂 I think your wife gave you too many Xanax
  10. You and donut are being callous for no reason. Donut usually has this stick up his *** every so often. You're just mad cause you tried kissing *** for a mod position and just got told no in front of everyone. Pick up your saggy balls and man up.
  11. I agree. We will be able to tell pretty quickly this season. I will say though, he looked phenomenal in TC and preseason last year. Then just went to ****. I hope it was an injury. Lol
  12. Patrick Robinson made the list for best supporting roles. He played better late in the season but no way would I have thought he'd make any list other than worst supporting CB.
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