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  1. does anyone really feel good about this team, even with a win here?
  2. maybe brees is right, maybe the saints do own this division. they certainly appear to own the falcons mentally
  3. despite their record, the saints are easily the best team we've faced this year
  4. #Falcons WR Julio Jones listed as questionable to return with a leg injury.
  5. How can you argue with him? We haven't done anything, yet. They are 10-2 against us and have recently won a SB. We are 0-3 in the playoffs.
  6. Some of you guys are seriously overestimating the impact of a good OC. Matt Ryan is still Matt Ryan. Carmichael isn't going to come in here and turn him into Drew Brees.
  7. Gotta love our loyal fans, staying til the last seconds ticks off the clock.
  8. This team bought into the media hype about being unbeatable at home, etc. And as usual, Roddy Whtie talks smack before the game, then costs us more than he helps us. What an epic fail;
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