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  1. No reason to talk crap. We didnt beat you nor are we going to the SuperBowl. Obviously I didnt want you guys to win, just as much as you guys wouldnt cheer for us. But thats the fun of the rivalry and giving meaning and reason to a guy like me to watch a game that my team isnt even playing in. I totally get how you guys are feeling right now though given two years back losing to the 49ers in the playoffs (funny eh?). It is what it is, I know words dont help, especially from a Saints fan but ultimately theres plenty to be proud of. One thing I feel I can share for sure with you guys is the sadness concerning Tony Gonzalez. Dude is one of the best to play the game at his position and its sad to think he never sniffed a Championship or a Ring.
  2. All in good fun, I dont mean to ruffle any feathers (no pun intended!). You guys deserve respect regardless of the talking heads and although well always be rivals I wont ever consider you guys an easy W. Now we all wait till next season...
  3. But seriously you guys did amazing this year, id instantly trade your success this year over ours. See ya next year!
  4. Sorry...had to. I honestly mean no offense. We sucked this year and you guys did not.
  5. Im not a Falcon fan but I will say this and I say it honestly. Any one saying "fire this person" or "get rid of this person" is pretty much clueless. Out of THIRTY-TWO teams you are one of the remaining FOUR playing in the NFC Championship game. I can guarantee you there are a lot of teams win/lose who would love to be in your position. Heck im one of them!!! I know the sting of making it this far and losing is far worse than losing way earlier but relish in the success you guys had this season.
  6. A loss is tough either way, but after that roughing the passer call that makes it that much worse. Its not over yet though! Anything can happen in a minute of football.
  7. Great QBs are born in moments like this. Itll be interesting to see how this game plays out.
  8. Hahaha nah man, I can only speak for myself. Regardless of the fan base theres no way I can try to speak soundly for all the morons who talk first and think second.
  9. I try not to talk trash simply because it completely derails a forum. I dont have many post here on this forum but they have all been respectful even though some members here havent been quite so nice. But hey if you guys are doing great than your doing great. I can pout about it, not like it, hate it, but it doesnt change the fact that you guys are playing today for a reason. I just accept it for what it is. Tony G is a heck of a guy, even more so after watching that pregame video fox did. Some people just take football way way way too personal and get extremely butthurt and try to spread nonsense when possible.
  10. Regardless of who i'm a fan of, Gonzalez is a beast, plain and simple.
  11. True, but I truly hope that the Seahawks are not using last weeks game as support for being able to do the same thing. If they come back then itll be one of the greatest comebacks in a playoff game. All the same it should be interesting, regardless though the Falcons are balling and even as a Saints fan I can see that.
  12. Well, if any of you guys need tips of where to eat in New Orleans lemme know. Sheesh I assumed the game would at least be close.
  13. Thank you and yes I understand, we have some on our forums as well. Its the same thing every where. And im all for back and forth chatter about the teams between fans, but like you said the hateful remarks are just completely immature. But good to see some have their head on straight, take care.
  14. Again I was never looking for sympathy, I literally came here to compliment your team. Some people just decided to take that as some secret hidden meaning and twist it into some hateful agenda. It was just a compliment, nothing more nothing less, some people get it some people decide to run with it and turn it into a big fiasco.
  15. And no it didnt hurt me to say that a team is good when they are good, how ridiculous is that? I may be a Saints fan but im not blind to facts, and the fact is the Falcons are rocking it out this year so far, im mature enough to recognize that and be able to compliment another fans football team, even if its a division rival. Footballs a great sport to be a fan of, there are actual issues in the world that should garner disgust and hatred, but football isnt one of them, im sorry if you have had some absolutely horrible life situations concerning football.
  16. Man come on, ive done nothing but been civil and some of you guys keep trying to start highschool arguments. Heck I even on these very forums told a Saints fan how wrong he was to be talking smack on these forums, yet I need to go with the rest of them? Sheesh man actually read my post to get a clue about how ive been respectful to every one here and even when being completely talked to like trash still remained mature and tried to have a discussion. Im not butt hurt either, im not on the field being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to play football, I lose nothing by the Saints losing every single game this season other than I wish they wouldnt. My life isnt invested in if these overly rich athletes win a football game. I hope for it, but thats where it ends. I was just trying to have a football discussion with other football fans, not go back and forth with childish remarks.
  17. Thank you for the GREAT response. And trust me, I am ONE of thousands of fans and I honest to God as my witness was just trying to give you guys props. Im not blind to the fact that things have happened to both your organization as well as the Saints, and to be quite honest I dont even know all the details of what the Falcons situation was many years ago or possibly even a decade ago. I honestly watched the Chargers game and was impressed. I felt that would be the first real test for you guys being up against a good team on the road and you guys handled it not only well but great. Im 28 years old, I love football, and I keep my nose buried in the division week to week to stay in tune with whats going on. I frequent these forums not to insight arguments or make fun, but I also wont say that when we play I hope the Saints dont wipe the floor with you guys, I mean you guys feel the same way towards us. But one thing I dont do, and im speaking for ME, as one person, I dont tell people to go to **** or speak to someone I know nothing about as if that murdered my only son, thats just a bit ridiculous. I also didnt come here for sympathy and I have none towards the Saints organization. I feel Benson has handled this situation like a complete joke and Drew and company should not need their hand held to get the job done. Also I am not looking to jump ship like someone said before, Saints could lose every game this year and ill be right back next year pulling for them again, been a fan and grew up in Louisiana all my life and support my team just as I know most of you do. I sincerely apologize for any past remarks made that has enraged most of you guys to just immediately hate me like im the plague. Again I just was trying to give you guys props as I recognized a great football team, thats all it was and all I intended. No hugs needed, no excuses for the 0-3 start, I cant answer for past conversations or situations that have happened to you guys as a team or as individuals, I mean I had no knowledge of those events nor an opinion, I can only relate to the now and recognize the situation currently. This will probably be my last post since I really feel I stepped on too many toes where clearly its not welcomed. But as I said before, you guys are rocking it out and it wouldnt surprise me to see you guys handle the south this year. Take care and see you guys later in the season.
  18. No sir, I registered here quite some time ago but again just never posted cause I can never keep up with the forums and such. I never even heard of him either. Sorry for no help.
  19. Appreciate it, im 28, getting married next friday, and am drowning in last minute wedding plans all the while trying to keep up with the season. I honestly dont get too wrapped up in attacking other fans or insulting others. I love rivalry games, as I said in another post I take the whole day off when we play you guys just to prepare my nerves for the back and forth contest. Some just seemed a little too touchy or maybe had really bad experiences with other Saints fans, in any case thanks and take care.
  20. I honest to God never meant to come across as being sarcastic or backhanded compliments. I meant every word I said, not to measure who was the bigger fan of who. I even said this year seems to be your guys year, not only in the division but in the league. Any ways, sorry for offending any one by trying to have a civil conversation. Seriously meant absolutely nothing backhanded by anything I said. Sorry that it was received as such.
  21. I keep up with the Falcons every year cause they are the Saints main opponent in the division. I dont post too much on the Saints forums just cause im too busy half the time that I can barely keep up with the forums and such. I watched the Chargers game and came here to show my respect as a fan of another team in the division. Many people appreciated it from the usual nonsense that most come and post in their first 5 posts. Im not one to argue over the internet, I literally made my first post to say I have much respect for you guys and believe this year to be your guys year. Whether I say that in 5 posts or 500 it still means the same.
  22. Umm ok? Man ive posted nothing but positive things about your team and realistic results of the Saints so far this season. Ive not started any bad talk back and forth and ive been very respectful towards the members on these forums. But thanks for the hospitality.
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