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  1. Falcons lose "again" LOVE IT!!

    1. Falconsken


      falcons lose a preseason game and you love it? i think your more of a falcons hater then saints fan ******.

    2. Got Lombardi?

      Got Lombardi?

      You, fat f***!!! I BLEED BLACK & GOLD, thus being the reason why I HATE the Turds as much as I do, ******.

    3. Shuswap


      This kid is a moron.. His mom needs to change his meds.. A.D.D at it's worst.

  2. Better hurry, not sure if there's any teams available or not.
  3. It will be sweet put a raping on you girls. Don't fall in love :wub:
  4. Sounds good. I'll be in touch.
  5. I'll be down for some FF, if it's on ESPN.