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  1. Problem 100% is coaching, we are banged up but still have depth and talent, a lot of it! We have a defensive minded coach but can’t effect a qb, secondary is avg, and the offense- scheme game plan adjustments is well below avg- we are riding on talent alone, Kirby gotta change
  2. It doesn’t end out season but we’d have to Change a lot to end the season not thrilled with going to the sugar bowl.. I’m frustrated because we really haven’t faced a top ten team (I don’t count nd) the secondary is a weakness, can’t get to the qb, bad play calling , bad scheme and the ol can’t get a push... bad day frustration I’m sure but a few posts ago was right on- Saban adjusted from the ground and pound between the tackles, we need to as well, run the ball sure but god nothing outside??? The short screens that don’t work, no backshoulder that I saw today, the jet sweep w cook that did work but don’t see anymore... and yes landers and Simmons should plays special teams and run plays only
  3. Agree on pitman lot of talent but they ol doesn’t get much push or open holes- just think we are struggling in the coaching dept aside from recruiting
  4. Going to stick with the statement Kirby is a great recruiter maybe the best in the country but a bad coach- coleys offense, and the defense looked bad too, just one of the worst games I’ve seen in a while,
  5. Kirby is not a good coach great recruiter but avg at best on game day
  6. Fromm having his lsu game, hasn’t thown that bad but looks like he’s throwing into coverage vs the open receiver- seen it at least twice- the pick 6 and late sack was awful... not sure why we stopped running it w white
  7. Think it wouldn’t be a stretch to say there will be a huge drop off no matter what if from leaves, I thought beck looked really good, no matter how this year is, has the skill set to be great... but for sure if Fromm leaves and it’s between he and Bennett.. that will be bad. Transfer portal guy be great along w a grad transfer, need more depth -
  8. We have 16 commits right - do we think we lose any? leaves 8 spots burch evans walker washington ringo t. Johnson sewell Dexter some rb if we don’t get Evans Another wr? those I believe are our remaining targets- anyone I missed- thoughts on our chances this thread is dead just want to discuss
  9. Trask such a better qb than franks
  10. Simmons is awful don’t get the love affair w a w wr that can block... he is not good not super fast like they wanna think. Pressure the qb, and keep Blaylock and pickens on the f-Ing field
  11. 51-10, like see from get 20-25 pa.. throw some deep few if any bubble screens, toss sweep- run out side at least 1 for every 3 up the gut. And pressure qb!!!!
  12. Ringo Sewell and Washington I thought we’re likely the silents
  13. Never really been an nfl fan, always been more about good games and following dawgs.. and as far as uga goes, I want and hope to win a title soon, often, every year but love the fact that we can fuss about being top 5 consistently, remember when Florida, tenn, Auburn all owned us every year- just hoping to maybe have a good enough year to make the citrus bowl. But gator wasn’t bad. We have the talent think smart will have to develop as a coach honestly. But happy w state of dawgs- do think by end of season we would struggle w bama, cu, osu for sure- maybe others but as bad a cu looks they got 7 more practice games to get better
  14. He or Chaney I’d be happy w, what are our chances of flipping either?
  15. Blaylock looks good too, already better than Simmons or k Jackson imo
  16. And Murphy
  17. Well either way that’s bad, Bennett is a serviceable # 2 but that’s his ceiling for a fan base and team wanting to compete w bama.. who knows on Mathis, thought beck would be good but def would need a year- hope Fromm stays sr season but don’t see it
  18. After rewatching the game, hope Cooley is not a bubble screen guy cause looked like we had a lot- like the screen but didn’t seem to be set up well or poor execution something - Fromm is a good 10-15 yard down field passer slats ect.. gotta run outside more and until the secondary ilbs can cover better we have to dial up more pressure. Not sure how anyone on here can fuss about Fromm he put the ball on the money- we will be in trouble if he leaves after this season
  19. Found beck stats, like 45% comp % 5td 8 int .... wth- that would certainly be bad-
  20. Beck having a bad year?
  21. Any word on injuries?
  22. Used to say tommy Bowden was the worst game day coach I’d ever seen, not going for it 4th and half yard when we owned em to put it away- we go back and lose this game , given the. Past Kirby calls garbage may change my mind
  23. Fromm is surgical right now every pass is on point. Go dawgs!