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  1. Just says in his description on 247 had season ending injury sophomore season.. just curious what kind injury that was
  2. Henderson to OSU? what kind of season ending injury did D Edwards have?
  3. Tecmo bowl? !!! Raiders are unstoppable
  4. Hilarious, I love the south
  5. What kind of injury did Edwards have sophomore season?
  6. Yea may have to change Pryor was my fav this kid looks ridiculous- no way osu gets both zero chance !
  7. That sucks he’s my favorite back in this class
  8. well put
  9. So u are agreeing with the panic? Extremely small sample size vs the seasonal flu - it’s certainly not worth crashing the economy, in the media world we live in they thrive off panic it’s a good story, the panic is much worse than the virus.
  10. ? I don’t get it, it’s the flu, kills less than the regular flu, it’s the new thing to panic about but dang unless you are elderly (same for regular flu) it’s not a giant health concern .
  11. Fromm didn’t lose the NC game few years back- saban out coached Kirby- should’ve been prepared for tua- we changed what was working- he was awful last year just saying ease off him scheme and coaching limitations didn’t help Fromm either
  12. Someone explain the cochran hire? How did that happen ? Assuming this is a good thing, but seems odd? What’s he good at?
  13. Hate to miss on raleek- superstar looking ath
  14. He knows what he signed up for no way he transfers he knows he’s not a pro qb surely . Like think the competition will be 3 way which is great for out 2020 team