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  1. Lot of the reason people hate trump/ he said a lot of the hard things people like u didn’t want to hear. Which fed the dems to call racism, but it’s true. A breath of fresh air/ politicians are users/ the dems use minorities w empty promises so they can stay in power... any you dumb Enough to go along. But that’s why he has such a huge following. People are sick of the crying and whining wo accountability for thier own ****. Not saying I am a huge trump guy but I like anyone that speaks truth wo concern of the pc world y’all live in. I Really think if he runs in 2024 he’ll win, he’s not the be
  2. Would u go into the gang land of Detroit, la, Chicago, atl ect wo worry? Would u be ok w your kids going there? Not if your smart/ stop committing crimes and earn honestly and it stops. Hard fact to face but the only way this gets better
  3. Cops don’t roll into my neighborhood w fear of being shot every time they go thier, w thier hand on thier gun terrified. U know why? It’s not racism is statistics?
  4. Minorities - the hood - people living on welfare because they are lazy. People who don’t take care of thier kids and they end up trying to stab people or on drugs or selling drugs or robbing people. U want to see racism In what I say cause it’s the only defense u have. But if it were predominantly white neighborhoods causing these probs I’d have issues w that. Have an issue w anyone that can’t grasp the law, earning thier way honestly , and have no clue what accountability , responsibility, or an understanding of community means (not burning down thier own community’s businesses). That is lazy
  5. Say cops profile black men, where is most of the crime? That’s called intel- stop the crime- no more being profiled, stereotyped the killing, ect.. all the racist stuff awful cops and white people do. Lol. I know I know I’m an idiot. One day u will understand accountability and what it actually means. Or again sit back vote dem and maybe they’ll take care of u.. abolish the police! That’d be great! Again adjust the world for people that don’t know how to act.
  6. U think Floyd would still be alive if he hadn’t resisted and been on drugs/ the girl in Ohio had she not been trying to kill everyone. The dude years ago in St. Louis, would still be alive had he just not been a law breaking thug fighting the cop. It’s not hard. Being a cop is a hard job and as much as the world is tired of seeing cops kill black men- the world is also tired of criminals hiding behind the their own issues blaming others- - the dem way. Crime is indefensible. The issues in this country and for the black community - at least on a police shooting level would end as soon as the
  7. Ok good. I didn’t need a stimulus check, nor did my friends, nor welfare, unemployment, or any other Democrats. Stop hiding behind the fact that all this is mute if u just/ dare I say it/ earn your way, and stop committing crimes.
  8. Can’t spell it out for u. Taxes which pay for all the subsidies needed to take care of the struggling- never ending strugglers.
  9. Black people are way way more racist than white people today. U can’t argue that. But again no defense just blah blah blah bs.
  10. I’m just saying, glad u have no defense. None of u ever do. Just man your stupid. Trump guy, lol. I’m sure the dems will take care of u and maybe your kids too right, but just happy I can help, just wish it wasn’t forever u know. At some point u gotta be able to figure out how to not suck at life and be able to be successful on your own and actually be a contributor to society. Wo crying and hiding behind your own lack of accountability from the kids to the adults. Blame cops, trump supporters, this country/ never ending excise “racism” can’t just be your fault.. I’m the problem rifht? no... p
  11. This is another joke BLM protesters storm Oklahoma capitol over Republican's anti-riot bill storm the capital cause they want to be able to stop traffic , harass , and simply not get thier way. U don’t get a lifetime pass to do whatever u want just because u are black??
  12. My kids don’t get in trouble at school much less with the law. I am a parent who knows that’s kind of an implied responsibility- Laughable- so a minority is owed the “the world should do what I want”? U are an absolute joke- own something other than playing victim and have enough pride to work for things not just vote for a party to hope they’ll take care of u. Embarrassing! Virginia moving to eliminate all accelerated math courses before 11th grade as part of equity-focused plan makes sense- alter the world and education and punish the rest who again work w our kids at h
  13. Stocks tumble over Biden's capital gains tax hike plan im sure this will help some people. do u really think there would be as many cop shootings of minorities if there was no crime or drugs involved.? Please I know it’s a good ignorant response to just say I’m stupid. But really accountability works both ways.
  14. The feeling is mutual and he’s it’s very sad. Sad I’m stupid for saying just obey the law- lot of issues solved right there. Yes very sad
  15. How long does the government and taxpayers and cops have to alter things to fit and appease and try to better take care of a group that simply doesn’t know how to act.? Don’t be an idiot I don’t mean all of one group or the other. But breaking the law is indefensible, drugs are indefensible, don’t see how that is an argument.
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