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  1. That Belk dt kid would be a nice get , from Clemson? Would think we have to have a good shot at him? Or am I wrong....?
  2. What was his deal, I know some of u said just immature or whatever but
  3. Torin not Toronto
  4. Remember when Clemson wore those awful throwbacks against us good while ago, back in the Toronto kirtsy day, Munson said they looked like a bad Halloween candy lol
  5. ILB
  6. Is it too early to say “he’s undersized, doesn’t fit what we really want at lib” lol.
  7. Any word on sanders?
  8. The pass in the end zone from threw that I think was mcghee intercepted they said was ob looked like a pick, another would’ve been by LeCounte but Woerner hit him and was dropped, Fromm didn’t have a great day but agree he’ll be fine, just don’t see how with time fields doesn’t beat him out, threw ball well, going to be a serious threat running, held on tot he ball to much like a freshman. Prather Hudson looked good. And loved the fade excecution to landers. D looked good and agree dbs looked really good
  9. Where are we talking abut the spring game? Receivers gotta catch the ball, 2 deep balls for from dropped on great passes and one for fields
  10. What happened to Watson? Thought he was a big target for us? We don’t have a chance?
  11. Agree think Holyfield much better than herrien, he and swift could be very good together
  12. We like him at DE? Or OT
  13. Cream had a pretty impressive resume too, be fine w him hopefully moves fast and maybe we could at least snag back one of the two big time recruits that decom
  14. hope that’s true, can’t imagine what it would be like to follow basketball and it actually be legit, not just chasing fall every year. Imagine if we don’t hear anything by noonish tomorrow that would be bad?