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  1. So not really reaching ie, throwing away a 4 yr scholarship on a reach- just one year for two experienced guys might actually help us win next year. I’m good w that. Seither seems to be the reach.
  2. Wolf just 1 year anyway right?
  3. Agree, we also think we are going to get everyone? Month and a half ago lot seemed Confident in Neal and Wright, but def one would be a dawg
  4. I agree, how they thought Goff would beat Brady is beyond me. Glad for Michel to do wel and get the only score. And as much as I would love gurley to lash out a little at restarted coaching, love it more that he’s such a good guy he wouldn’t say an I’ll work- high character guy but hate it for him- like watching aj spend a career in that $h!tshow that is cinny coaching and qb play
  5. He has 1 carry man? That was my point, hard to say gurley hasn’t done xxxx when they don’t give him the ball? Again don’t see how they think the rams can win wo their best player contributing?
  6. It’s the super bowl, how can the rams not realize they gotta get gurley more touches, no way C.J. ANDERSON and Goff gonna beat Brady
  7. Good lord impressive looking skill set at 15!
  8. I like the idea of a penetration get upfield coach on d!
  9. Agree on cager, and normally agree on hs product but unless Pickens qualifies no one else out of hs would help us win a title next year, think that’s the mentality Kirby is looking at
  10. I keep seeing them talk about guys being special teams stars? Given that our kickers ko out do the end zone, how does that really matter anymore. Ransoms don’t just lineup on punts right? Off subject but just think the whole special teams demon is a thing of the past, not worth getting a good player hurt or burning a shirt for...
  11. Elam is true cb? Right? We would take both he and cross correct?
  12. U right turkey was just saying that may be the comparison or why the rush so that doesn’t take more root-
  13. When they used to make fun of clemson for clemsoning - that’s why, because that’s where we are kind of...
  14. Long an short imo, Clemson will 3 peat if Laurence isn’t hit early , often and all game long, may end up being vulnerable at times but now way around that
  15. just want us to be aggressive. Want the DL to stop any offense on 3rd and 1 when we know they are running up the guy and they do- play press man at the cb position, and free up the olb to kill qbs and mlb’s to go after heads on passing downs. Aside from that be fine if they name Rambo the dc