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  1. what I was gonna say? Walker no?
  2. Wow guys
  3. no kidding guys, we played good they played a lot better in the 2nd half, I was hoping we wouldn’t See tua, but we don’t win a lot of the games this year wo this staff, and **** sure would’ve been blown out by ou had richt still been coaching. Fromm played good all season but he had a freshman 2nd half , losing wims hurt too, but agree Parrish has been a huge disappointment for a sr
  4. Hope we finish w bush, walker, Campbell, Davis and the last doesn’t really matter to me
  5. Cb for quay walker to Florida? WTH
  6. Looks small to be 330
  7. How do we run the ball on bama? Is up the gut or out on the edge the better option? Assume we’d mix it up, but just curious what thoughts were. Do you anticipate roquan spying hurts the whole game?
  8. Is he def going to play corner in college? Or is this not just about getting the best players and seeing where they fit?
  9. Think Holyfield will be a stud given more opportunities, will complement swift nicely.
  10. I loved our sec CG gameplan, sweeps to Chubb Michel and swift spread em out enough to open the middle , hopefully we do that and stay in the eye w a fb blocking, that’s when we are at our best, still think jake is way way better than he gets credit
  11. isaah Wilson? At ot and Webb at cb?
  12. How would that game not be official? I must’ve missed sormthkng
  13. Eason beat out Fromm in practice, Fromm has proven he is better game day qb, from what we’ve seen on the field anyway , he’s only going to get better, Eason may very well be a better nfl prospect Who really cares , ie stafford, he didn’t become the qb he is until he was a few years in the nfl
  14. Bush has great speed and height u can’t teach unless his hands suck which from his film doesn’t look that way, and he goes up for the ball well, don’t really care whAt he’s ranked
  15. Thomson and Mario would be huge if we got em both