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  1. So I didn’t understand that stuff on Evans - we no longer feel good?
  2. Like see drob and Wilson Campbell too but developing depth against a good team will help us down the road if in fact we do win lol- ol, wr, cb.. just end up seeing more Blaylock and Stevenson which imo is a good thing
  3. Several member cbs came in for Evans not sure who but oh well... Milton will be good and gotta say I know it was just one run against a small time opponent but that cut and burst by mckintosh was impressive he may be better than expected
  4. Yea I would agree on the classic game part- but can u imagine with this group of recruits watching if we rolled out in black uni’s how nuts the place would be?
  5. I was the same until years ago when we opened the year #1 and played ga southern - couldn’t find a ticket to that one and ended up watching in a bar. Believe stirdivant (sp) tore acl that game
  6. Daniel doesn’t impress me at all
  7. Like Stevenson best of all our cover cbs love to see him never come off the field
  8. I didn’t know Campbell got hurt
  9. My only concern so far is pass coverage, think we are way above avg just about everywhere else, but be curious to see how we do against a real team good receivers and qb
  10. Embarrassing to watch ace football. Hate Clemson. But god no team could be set up better to live in the playoffs than Clemson, they try an hype Syracuse as if they are an actual team
  11. Saw Simmons and Roberson injuries Kirby said not serious/long term... was something up w n. Smith? Didn’t play much?
  12. How has Carson beck done so far this season? Is there a site u can search hs kids to check on our recruits stats for the season?
  13. Wonder if Pruitt makes it thru the season
  14. And..... wait for it..... I’m a racist for saying that -