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  1. Kinda worried the hazelwood decom is a precursor to fields transferring, he’s dug Into Fromm and think fields sees he’s gonna sit again next year by the way this looks... not having it. Can’t let kids control how u coach but the staff hasn’t shown much to stick by so far
  2. ACC is garbage
  3. Man state looks like a 3-3 team? Are they this bad or cu this good
  4. Smart stubborn like saban but the issue there is smart doesn’t have the jewelry to back up his argument . Hopefully he proves me wrong but we have talent, coaching across board is suspect
  5. I agree we all knew the team would be taking a step back, but the 6-1 record and offensive #s are a little deceiving given our competition. We played well against sc but further than that the d has taken a major step back and the o is just overmatching lesser competition except LSU. The frustrating thing on d is not getting that penetration or pressure (we lost a lot of talent so maybe they need to dial up some more plays and get creative since we don’t have Bellamy or carter or Roquan to beat he man in front of them.. we may not be at the reload every year stage but we shouldn’t be that far away.. we are better than ky and fl and losing those game is execution and game planning not a lack of talent. Not winning out will be frustrating given that fact. After the alcohol wore off from the lsu game it’s not so much of Fields needs to start it’s just being willing to change what’s not working. What we are doing on d is not gonna work against high level competition as well as on offense
  6. Very wrong if you think Fromm won’t be the starter for FL game, maybe Fields will have a few series where he allowed to run the offense but that’s it, it’s not gonna be dramatic, smart isn’t going to be swayed by the media or fans on how he coaches or who he plays, your right he is stubborn and to similar to saban to change, my only hope is if Fromm does struggle he will make the change as he should’ve for the 2nd half of the LSU game.
  7. Fields may as well Transfer
  8. Don’t put that on Hardman, trying make something happen no faith in coaching or qb
  9. No ready, bad calls, no adjustments, terrible coaching, for all of u thinking Kirby is the Man U are wrong he’s garbage this showed it, the title game showed it in 4th quarter - recruiting doesn’t equate to good teams. We may be top ten but he proved we/he is tommy Bowden with more talent -
  10. Yep had good year but jury out on kirby
  11. And if it wasn’t thrown outta bounds it’s a td
  12. Stinks of a richt game
  13. To late for fields now game is over he should’ve started the 2nd half