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  1. Why would bush make sense? I’d think he could be very good deep threat
  2. Ford to me makes no sense, he’d be the guy half next year but definitely the following two
  3. Lol sorry I wasn’t copying but we do think alike
  4. Condon maybe and Ericsson given that condon prob never see the field or Ericsson give hill and Webb maybe to me that’d be the probably best case on teansfer
  5. Yea I saw just meant no Neal or Wright?
  6. No OT’s this weekend?
  7. Followed with we get Wright if we don’t get Neal!
  8. Greed is overwhelming, want dean Stephenson haselwood sanders and one of the two 5* ot, nothing less is ok lol
  9. What does mid-year transfer mean? Just enroll in Summer like normal? And is haselwood not enrolling early?
  10. Sanders comparable to Michel?
  11. Haselwood dean sanders Stephenson, just one of the ot now and this will be about as perfect s finish as we could’ve hoped for.
  12. If hill locked down the center position would clay be just as good as a G or how do u see that working?
  13. Neal or Wright be great don’t care if we get both, but hate miss both. One those two, dean and haselwood (seems forgone conclusion we get sanders or Williams) those are the ones I hope we are putting out as must haves for this class. How good is sanders? Like can we compare him to someone?
  14. Really? Ok,, explain. Just that much more upside or what? Why is Cain still rated so high