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  1. Mathis just didn’t look like he had it at all- his stats weren’t awful and the ol was bad he just looked to panic real quick - looked uncomfortable and like an overwhelmed true frosh. Hopefully jt is cleared this week.
  2. Slayer needs move back inside and have to get brod Jones and Other more mobile guys at OT. Condon obviously won the job at ret cause everyone else sucks???
  3. I don’t understand why beck didn’t play, hopefully Mathis is garbage only, but until jt is cleared like see Bennett and beck- Bennett was impressive but he won’t beat bama or fl prob auburn and miss st too
  4. Slayer is a G, maybe immovable but at LT being slow is bad.. OL needs work- Daniel/beck gotta be it this season. Still think Campbell is overrated.
  5. Toss sweep would’ve been nice.. OL was not good and that effected run- Mathis was bad? And is Bennett really our starter now? Rather he than Mathis nub?
  6. What are the Vegas odds Daniels gets cleared early this coming week...?
  7. Big prob w OL, OT very bad both. Gotta be beck or Daniel, but line has improve or we 3-4 loss team
  8. Yea gotta go w beck and or jt when cleared D’Wan should be one read only
  9. Wish Mathis would look up after he’s flushed yes should’ve gotten the 1st on the run but has to look up downfield..
  10. Looked like an earhole hit to me could’ve easily been called
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