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  1. That mean landers has fallen back to not really in the mix anymore?
  2. I like the d Walker pick think he’s going to be a star
  3. Anything on Robertson
  4. Like it, thx for the response, agree biggest difference of many but getting the talent on the ol is huge . Article posted recently about the best part of team is ol, allowing the stars to be stars but they are the difference. We’re the difference in the 12 sec title game against bama, thier ol just wore us down by the 4th look fwd to seeing that soon in red and black
  5. Do we need Webb? Given all the interior ol talent we have and Ericson? Would that scholly not be better used? Aside from just a high ranked guy
  6. Would Roberson return punts? Ko’s?
  7. Tymon Mitchell, think g could be the big Nt we want? I can be sold, but Savion w seems like that John Jenkins type kid which would be if true a big + vs mitchel
  8. I honesty don’t care about being #1 in recruiting, pollack, Reed, baker plenty of lower tier guys can ball. Just want the only #1 that really matters
  9. Also curious what the thought is on juco sr Savion, he end up a dawg?
  10. Do we take a rb this class? We not in great shape for any of the top ones are we? Does crouch figure to stay at rb?
  11. Holyfield’s guns are ridiculous. When will we hear if cal wr will be able to play this year if he’s a dawg? So he and Zion announce the 15 th correct
  12. When would we hear if he’s immediately eligible or not?
  13. How are we gonna find qbs to come in and basically know they’ll probably and hopefully never play? Need two this class
  14. That Belk dt kid would be a nice get , from Clemson? Would think we have to have a good shot at him? Or am I wrong....?
  15. What was his deal, I know some of u said just immature or whatever but