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  1. Losing Beal or wyatt is bad. Which is it,confirmed?
  2. Is he really 220?
  3. Is whites competition weak- he looks so so much faster than everyone- looks more like a speed back than a power guy.
  4. MSTATE will be a tough game, we always play barn tough, not buying thier hype
  5. I know fields would be great but either he'd transfer after sitting behind fromm. Need qbs, but I want us to continue to push for OL hauls like last year. Netori, Thomas and big manare championship caliber recruits. We've great qbs and rb's-. The line progression and talent is what I hope continues. Really believe that'll be the difference -
  6. How many are we trying to sign this class?
  7. We r going to have to sign a few avg qbs- that hopefully never do anything but mop up and provide depth-
  8. We need sign 2 qbs this class- should be the full court press.. zamir has to pick uga and that will help with momentum..
  9. Been a dead board lately? What's the good work from spring practice- is the ol just that much better or are we weak on d? Are they going to at least try and redshirt fromm?
  10. 247 put out we got strenght coach from wisc.. they are always tough at the los- I'm happy
  11. Used to run wild dog w Sony and mckenzie as the option. Like see that type thing more.
  12. So he will miss two games?
  13. If he can't be a ot- I'd like to see him at nt
  14. Well I haven't been impressed w rocker- a solid sec team facing 3rd and 1 shouldn't be able to run up the gut for 2-3 yds as we saw all year. I'd like to see a Lil more push from a dl and coach- on obvious short yardage run downs u should own them!!!! And we haven't in a while so I'm excited about any change- like see more blitzing, and looking fwd to Chaney having. A stroak sooner than later