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  1. Never mind my bad for thinking different and bringing another perspective. That is evil now apparently
  2. Does other opinions or views not matter? Or are u a fan of suppressing anything but your side? That’s not America man?
  3. My words were if the crap like the capital or all the blm antifa rolled up at my door I wouldn’t just hold my phone out and record it - but your right, did say that I’m not ok w what’s going on nor are a lot of Americans not because we are horrible racists but Americans frustrated w what’s going on- so my bad - I apologize are u not the same guy they thought I was hilarious for saying earn your way, not hope the government takes care of us oppressed people? Silence the people that believe differently, take guns away , and make the people dependent- that’s 100% communism man
  4. If they completely shut out 72 million people and sensor - so aoc says “the media” for false reports what are we doing/ imagine if trump said these things - we’d be hearing about how he was hitler right? If u don’t think or believe the way we believe u are wrong and should go to jail. That’s Castro Kim Jan un hitler stuff/ ie communism/ it’s scary y’all don’t see that I know white people are evil but **** how are u not worried about the direction. I don’t love tromp but I like anyone that’s not a career politician I liked that he pissed off the career guys dug in on $, not what’s best for the
  5. Fields good story will likely be good pro but either hurt tonight or just not top tier back to back after cu game
  6. Served 19 years in the army- so glad to be done, smoke dope and watch the show in 12 mo... what a wasted life I’ve had. Want no part of this government or country for that matter . Just bought a spot in dom rep. To retire. Sad sad embarrassing country we’ve become. And the show just started.
  7. Glad dems got total control now. Trump showed true colors and told his dogs to go fetch and thus was the capital breach. No doubt they will go after him with full force- dude will be in jail by Independence Day 21. If it’s not changed to oppression day by then.
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