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  1. What could we possibly get for him? A 7th maybe?
  2. I didn’t read this whole thread, but how would this happen? The Dolphins are obviously tanking for Tua. Why would they want Ryan? Haha. Don’t they have two picks in the top ten? If the Falcons actually want Tua they would have to hope he pulled an Eli...
  3. I think the only untouchables on this team should be Ryan, Julio Jones, Lindstrom, McGary, Hooper, Jarrett, Deion Jones. Am I missing anyone?
  4. Haha. I don't even remember your original point anymore but I'm sure it was good. I'm not saying I hope we tank; I'm just saying we don't win another game this season.
  5. Who is the defensive player that everyone wants that we'll inevitably lose out on getting in the draft this year anyway?
  6. I don't see how you intentionally lose? You can't get the players to do that because they need to play hard regardless of record and draft position because it's their livelihood. There is always the executive decision I suppose to sit players so maybe that's what you mean by intentionally losing? The way our starters are playing(mostly on defense) if we started sitting players and playing backups we would ironically probably start winning games. That's one thing I don't understand. Why doesn't Quinn play some of the backups and see what we have??? Our season is toast anyway. Let's see what we have with Grace, Foye, Ollison, Hill etc. I actually thought Sheffield looked pretty good yesterday. This defense isn't working. Obviously. The scheme sucks but maybe, just maybe, the personnel does too. Give some of the other guys a shot.
  7. The Browns obviously don't know how to draft. Just about any good quarterback drafted in the past 10 years, maybe longer I don't know, the Browns more than likely could have had. They are not really a good example to use honestly. They just sucks as an organization top to bottom.
  8. Does anyone here actually think that we need to tank to end up with a very high draft pick? Which team the rest of the way are we going to beat?!? While trying? Seriously. We suck. Bad.
  9. Maybe not in football but it does in basketball and baseball. Look at the Astros. Ok, I don't know if they were intentionally losing but they were awful perennially awful and kept getting high draft picks. Now they're the best team in baseball and look to be for a while. The Browns should be a lot better than they are but they obviously don't and haven't had a good front office and scouting department or something. I'm sorry, but if you're picking number one overall for a few years your team definitely should be better if you know how to draft well and have a competent coaching staff.
  10. That would be the falcons way, but hoping that the falcons don't win enough to drop out of the top ten means you're not a true fan. You know, actually hoping in a totally lost season that you can at least get a very high pick for such a miserable season. A pick that could potentially get our team heading in the right direction. Possibly a generational player. You're a crappy fan if you think like that.
  11. Haha. We absolutely suck!!! Blow it to **** and gone.
  12. Well, if we win this, we should be super psyched because this is a really tough important. It'll be a very important win. A statement win.
  13. "I thought he missed the hole." The Devonta Freeman Story.
  14. flea flicker for a 10 yard pass
  15. We are not a good football team.
  16. We are a Nelson Agholar drop from being 0-5. Probably about to be 1-5.
  17. holy ****, peters is still playing?!?
  18. I don't think he had both feet in. Oh well...
  19. You're just now noticing that? That's been every game.
  20. A game of "who wants to lose more."