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  1. I remember exactly where I was when I heard about it. I was sitting in my car about to go into Home Depot when something about it came on the news. I knew it was bad but I remember thinking that we weren't hearing the whole story and maybe it was blown out of proportion or something. I didn't dream at the time that he would not play another down as a Falcon. 😔
  2. I think I would feel a little better if we could sign one of the free agent pass rushers.
  3. Yeah, I don't think I'm ever going to forget that drop against Carolina. My wife had been in a car wreck and I was sitting in the hospital with her and watched that game on a ****ty little tv on the wall. It was just super depressing all around.
  4. Ha. I followed Wario64 and some other accounts that were posting stock alerts but, like an idiot, didn't even think to turn on notifications.
  5. Why did you HAHA my post? 

  6. Serious question: What's with the QB's calling Julio? Does he have any say on where he goes?
  7. I thought Lindstrom was Gronk for a split second.
  8. I'm not really sure and wasn't totally serious. I wouldn't be surprised at all though if clubs sometimes do this to try raise the market for a player. I feel like if they wanted to, a team could say that another team(without saying who the team is)offered more than they really did. All of this said, I really hope they have been offered a 1st for Julio. Preferably out of conference. Chargers would be a nice trade partner if they wanted Julio cause he might be retired before we play them again. I think I read that they are one of the teams that have the cap space.
  9. Yeah, I guess. I know I’m comparing him to some of the best in the league here, but his deep passes pale in comparison to qb’s like Rodgers and Mahomes as far as zip and accuracy. It’s just different. I guess it’s adequate; it’s just never really been his strength. The past year or two it seems like his accuracy has been a little off with those types of passes but it doesn’t worry me because, like I said, that’s never really been what his game has been about. Seems like wr’s are always having to wait for the passes or go back for them. It’s been a while since I remember him hitting someo
  10. Matty Ice has never really had that great of a deep ball IMO. That’s never really been his thing. He can carve up defenses and be deadly accurate though with the intermediate passes if given just a little time in the pocket.
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