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  1. Twas a Jules Winnfield quote. Figured you would know that considering your name and avatar...
  2. You a smart muthafukka that's right!
  3. I think we get 4th and 5th round picks.
  4. Hate to say it, but the Saints would've won this game.
  5. Goff looks like a doofus.
  6. pretty pass
  7. Yeah, might be fun for defense fans in a normal season game, but for the Superbowl this sucks.
  8. hurts to watch.
  9. Oh man. I got about twelve seconds into that and had to stop. Too much cringe. Way too much second hand embarrassment. Sheesh. Saints fans are looking worse by the day since that game. Losing their minds.
  10. That's about what that Ram's db could've done if he just turned to find the ball on the play that the Saints are *****ing about.
  11. It’s funny to think about Matt Bryant jumping up and down yelling at the tv. Kinda awesome actually. I wouldn’t have thought the players would’ve cared that much. Maybe he was happy for the Rams’s Kicker(I sure was), or maybe he has our mentality of **** THE SAINTS!!!!
  12. Move! Move the **** out of the way! I have a crap on deck that could choke a donkey!!!
  13. Aside from that call, your coach kind of blew it at the end of that game. Brees' pick didn't help either.
  14. I know that that was a huge, pivotal play in the game but you guys get away with that all the time. Lattimore is the master of hitting the receiver before the ball is there with no flags thrown.
  15. Imagine all the domestic violence that’s gonna go down in Nola tonight. Not that that is a laughing matter....