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  1. Sorry, I've been real busy lately and haven't had time to keep up too much with Falcons news. Is there a rumor that we are thinking about signing Griffin?
  2. He kinda has a point. I mean, I wouldn't go so far as to say the looters are as bad as the cop but stealing **** has nothing to do with protesting in my opinion. They're burning down stores in their own neighborhood. It's ridiculous. But don't get me wrong, justice certainly needs to be served to those cops. They need to be in prison and hopefully that's where they're going.
  3. Yup. I'm cautiously optimistic. Of course I am every year...
  4. Some guys get paid and become complacent. He obviously is not that type. He always seems motivated af.
  5. Wow. Somehow I completely forgot about Curtis Lofton. haha.
  6. i'm just glad we didn't take that tackle that the rams took at 2. Was it the Rams?
  7. Is he the guy that did really well in the senior bowl? or the east west shrine bowl? I'm pretty sure I remember him doing really, really well in one of those...
  8. I wonder if Anae could possibly fall to our 2nd 4th round pick...
  9. Is that the guy that did really well in the senior bowl? pass rusher?
  10. Yeah, if there are other people here. haha. I'm so used to doing that I sometimes even do it while i'm alone. I couldn't imagine doing that with that many people and a live stream going on.
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