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  1. Does Wilson want to be traded or something? I didn't read the whole thread but I don't really understand this.
  2. He's doesn't seem anywhere near as comfortable as Quinn in front of the camera and maybe that's a good thing. I don't know...
  3. if they don't end up with Watson or some other qb before the draft. I seriously doubt they're content with Bridgewater.
  4. If we traded back with the panthers they would probably take Lance.
  5. I think Kawann Short was released so you can add him to the list for dl.
  6. I usually watch every Alabama game, and I knew Howard was overrated and wasn't anything special. He just never impressed me. I figured he would be a serviceable TE in the NFL and that's about it. I was surprised he was drafted so high honestly. Did you watch any Florida games this year? Pitts is a different kind of animal and leaps and bounds better than Howard. I feel like he is going to be unstoppable in the NFL like he was in college. Of course, this is all opinion and I could end up being very wrong. I'm wrong a lot about football. Haha. Maybe we can revisit this in a year...
  7. I think Pitts is going to be much, much better than any of the guys you mentioned.
  8. The Dolphins would be wise to take him with their 1st first round pick to protect Tua, then maybe get a wr or rb with their 2nd first rd pick.
  9. Nevermind, should've read the whole thread.
  10. Guess I'm out of the loop. What did he do?
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