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  1. The Panthers might mess around and end up in position to draft Tua. I don't want Tua, Lawrence or Fromm anywhere near the nfc south.
  2. "Falcons players:'... and if you launch yourself like this, you can pretend to be a cruise missle..." lol
  3. This is amazing. I don't think I've ever seen another team talk about our defense like this before. hahahahah
  4. I've been kinda thinking this same thing.
  5. Nah, I love it. Believe me.
  6. Definitely better than the department that came up with that "hype" video. Maybe that video was good luck. Maybe they should put out what they think is a good hype video then delete it every week.
  7. Good god, imagine if they had thrown a flag for that...
  8. Haha. Such a stark contrast in tatf overall demeanor between this week and last week.
  9. The Colts actually have a pretty **** good o-line so our guys got their work cut out for them for sure.
  10. Yeah, I googled "julio jones' braided rat tail" and the first pic was Shia Laboef.
  11. hahaha. I haven't! I need to see this!
  12. Julio has a little Mr T braid? haha
  13. When I saw him being helped off the field I thought he was done for the season for sure.
  14. Oh, I've been here forever. I wake up in a new season every year.