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  1. I remember hearing that their o-line sucked last year and I don't think we laid a finger on Jameis. He threw some picks, sure, but I'm not sure if that was because of pressure from us? That one fateful pick he threw though, dropped us down like 4 draft picks or so. Yay!!!!
  2. Julie homie Get Gurley Atlantie?
  3. I think I agree? If i'm reading that correctly. Winston has((had) receivers that could stretch the field and has a rocket arm. He could chuck it up and yeah, it might be a crazy awesome pass or a pick. Pretty sure Arians like's that big arm, stretching the field qb so that's why this is very interesting to me. They're gonna get a very solid qb(at this point in his career?) Will Brady be able to stand like a statue and have all day like it seems he has had the ability to do in NE for so many years, or is he gonna see what it's like to have a so-so offensive line in the nfc south. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens; hope I can see it this year...
  4. I still don't know wtf they were thinking with that Ramsey trade.
  5. Ah, ok.
  6. Wait, is he going to the Patriots?
  7. That's what I'm thinking...
  8. Ravens fans were saying that he's definitely not a 3rd stringer in typical situations. They said that he's really good, it's just that he got injured and then Andrews absolutely beasted and their other TE is basically one of the best blocking TE's in the league. The general consensus from them was that he will be very good on the Falcons, there just wasn't any room anymore there for him and his talent was being wasted and this trade is good for both teams. No one said anything remotely close to him being a bust.
  9. I read a little bit on the Falcons reddit page and there were some Ravens fans giving their perspective on him. They basically all said he's a good blocker, doesn't drop anything and that he just wasn't utilized to the best of his abilities in that run heavy scheme. They all seem to think that he will thrive with Ryan throwing to him.
  10. Wtf?!? So he was faster than Jackson and that Hollywood Brown guy? That's pretty surprising. I'm liking this the more I hear about it. I wasn't thrilled about giving up one of our 2nds for him but we were gonna have to draft a tight end anyway and apparently this TE class is ***. I liked this guy the year he entered the draft but kind of forgot about him. Really really hope he surprises all of us in a good way.
  11. He looks pretty **** fast for a te.
  12. Nevermind. I understand it now.
  13. I’m not sure I understand this. I get what you’re saying about Sanu but what’s this talk about a 4th? I thought we traded our 2nd 2nd round pick(which we got for Sanu) and our 5th?
  14. Also, if you do happen to strike gold with all of the picks and they turn into studs, there's always the issue of how you're going to pay them all when the time comes... That said, I kinda do like this mock.
  15. I just don't see how we are going to be able to do anything in fa except scrape the crud off the bottom of the barrel.