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  1. Nothing against UGA because of it, we cant get em all. And Clemsons best players have always come from out of state and mostly from GA.
  2. yah I guess bama doesn't want him, oh well good for us
  3. i wold rather lose to ANYONE other than clemp$um, my extended family is clempsum fans, all 30 of them. ughhh......
  4. Yha I see that, BR is almost as fast as well. I think he has a better arm than AM though.
  5. LHB is blowing up right now, there is word from JHD that 'IT IS DONE"
  6. there is a rumor that Kamara was at UGA today with Bo Scarbrough
  7. man yall got some smart ones. BamaFan ‏@Mojo5491 @JDBlawg Can't believe a UGA fan is talkin trash about recruiting. ****, yall should get Foster and Henry. They are GA kids for Christs Sake Bulldawg Fan 4 Lyfe ‏@JDBlawg @Mojo5491 You really are slow. Foster is the number 1 Alabama prospect. Henry is from Florida. #Embarrassing
  8. very early morning tidbit, we supposedly lead for M Adams and Tunsil.
  9. Grantham is better than ANY recruit. He made Baccari Rambo an All-American. He made Jarvis Jones an All-American. He took UGA's defense and made it 5000% better in 2 years, imagine what he will do with a full defense made of players he recruited for his system. RF and RN can go anywhere they want, but if they want to be as good as possible they should go to UGA.
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