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  1. Thanks Eagles, it is solely on you that next year we will see the final 8 rule.
  2. Making his own thread about it so he can "break the news"
  3. Oh no, we're sitting a guy out of a preseason game!!! This isn't news.
  4. Is that Steven Nicolas or Lebron James?
  5. Terrible idea, Caleb king will be working at Burger king soon.
  6. Thanks for the add..........Rise UP.

  7. That was a reference to left eye from TLC and Andre Rison.
  8. That was against Clay Mathews, a guy who makes everybody look "shaky" but I guess looking at the bigger picture isn't something you took into account when you wrote this.
  9. Miko Grimes managerial checklist Use constant profanity....Check Use racial slurs ....Check Advise client to spit in reporters face .... Check Get in fights on twitter .... Check Act like a sane rational person ....
  10. Wow, just wowShes going off at everybody.
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