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  1. Thanks for the add..........Rise UP.

  2. Thanks! that's nice of you to say. I'm glad at least someone likes what I have to say.

  3. I like your post, they are always positive for the most part or honest. Keep it up! And ofcourse: GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks again for your help

    you know haters gonna hate :)

  5. Hi there Falcoholic :)

  6. Lets go Braves!!

  7. Falcon fans are FOR LIFE!

  8. I'm a Saint's fan, but I gotta say...very nice! You sure I can't convert you? :)

  9. Why Thanks Tandy! I think I'm nice looking!

    And....Revenge is a beautiful thing....not just the poster but the Revenge we are going to give the Pack on Oct 9th!

  10. Thanks! That's Because Atlanta is where its at!

  11. Beautiful ... I believe Atlanta has the best looking fans !!!

  12. Beautiful ... I believe Atlanta has the best looking fans !!!

  13. The airport has a Dinosaur in the atrium! thats so cool.

  14. Wish I wasn't sick

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