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  1. Who ever sleeps on him is gon be in for a long day.
  2. If someone hit Matt like that we may get the penalty. Especially when we play certain teams. I can hear it now. “Roughing the tackler, #2, 15 yard penalty 1st down”
  3. Kutty handed over play calling to his OC. But remember every time you get Fitzmagic, Fitztragic isn’t too far behind.
  4. Have to agree. My biggest fear with this defense is playing with a lead. We leave the middle open every time for huge gains. They just methodically march down the field and score
  5. He can only hope he gets the Martha treatment. (She arrested for lying to the feds not insider trading) But a slight issue of excess pigmentation may prevent that any slap of the wrist from happening.
  6. @Arkridge. Are you from AZ ? Heard this on the local sports radio yesterday about what they should do with him. Dude is having a hard time sniffing any PT Although gifted, he was the previous regimes draft pick for that style so the maybe willing move him.
  7. Let’s be honest, did you really think the top WR contracts would go down?
  8. Quick we need a break down of his contract by the $$/quarter.
  9. The one that pissed me off was the roughing call on Grady. That’s. 300lb man going full speed. But what made this this better was seeing Long get away with it on driving Ryan to the ground.
  10. And this is with the “improvements” It’s going to be a long season. I just hope the screw Brady or Rodgers so they can “fix” it.