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  1. Don’t care. Just get someone on the DL with the first and OL in the 2nd. We need some beef on the lines.
  2. Jake Matthews straight killed him
  3. This is what I was expecting
  4. My heart dropped when I saw Bosher turn back ready to celebrate with his bro and he was in pain.
  5. Only person I’d want from the team is Irvin. We are thin at LB even when healthy.
  6. I would be all for this. We need all the help we can get. And for the price of a 5rd Bruce is legit.
  7. I’m still trying to figure why on a couple big downs we had Grady almost at the MLB spot. The way this D played we had no business being in the game.
  8. We need to dust off them red ones.
  9. Did they say which ones?
  10. This 1 and 2 red/black/grey white
  11. Who ever sleeps on him is gon be in for a long day.