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  1. Takks role pretty much is to be a wild dog and “get to the qb” where as VB is playing the whole field at times.
  2. I have a bigger issue with our special teams play lately. Wes was the weak link and they were targeting him all game. For who was attacking him,he did ok.
  3. He has skill but health has always been an issue for him when get a lot of carried.
  4. Not saying that Spoon made them better. but 2+2 = Spoon /s kinda.
  5. Only person I’d want if we do decide to bring someone in would be Kubiak.
  6. But at the end of the day the train horn is part of ATL history.
  7. I know it sounds cliche but complimentary football is key. Of our offense can sustain drives, it’ll allow or D more rest and better performance should come after that.
  8. Pick your poison Defense.
  9. Need anymore proof look at how he quit the packers and lie about an injury to be cut, trashed the team doc for allegedly wanting him to play “hurt” and now playing fine with the Pats.
  10. Bennett ain’t gon mentor no one. Dude is selfish trash just like his brother.
  11. This here is something that bothers me beyond belief. One of the main reason we have horrible field position is because anytime we get a decent return it’s usually followed by a couple flags.
  12. I think Att has a set up in the 200 level with a bunch of TVs showing the games.
  13. This contract has nothing to do with discipline or officiating. But since you mentioned it discipline rules were reviewed and approved by the PLAYERS Association. Owners.