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  1. Do it
  2. Looks like Leonard Williams is on the block now too.
  3. No one has played a single snap in the NFL and we are already calling them “bust” and “reach” failures. Smh.
  4. Same. As unsexy as these picks are, we always hear about how good the cowboys O line is and everyone wishes we had it like them but completely forget they invested a lot of draft capital to get them.
  5. You see, they don’t know but sure like to think they do. If you trade up to get the guy you wanted it’s not a reach.
  6. Chiefs got worked
  7. Yup we are going. Have bets going in the office already.
  8. I like it. A lot of beef in first 3 rounds.
  9. Steve Keim has hit on some late round picks and FA find but dude has gotten his QBs killed by not getting decent help at OL. The teams been waiting for someone opposite of PP21 but nothing Wilks got shafted by the teams ability to land Rosen. They want their young franchise QB to have a O minded coach for the long run. But in short, yes bring Wilks in ASAP.
  10. Kubiak adjsted his style to accommodate the team and aging QB he had to run more and take the load off. Still WCO with Zone blocks which is similar to what’s we’ve done for the last few years Coaches seem to do the the opposite lately.
  11. This and only this. Give that man whatever he wants. TD and Co make this happen
  12. Give me Kubiak or give me death
  13. Don’t care. Just get someone on the DL with the first and OL in the 2nd. We need some beef on the lines.
  14. Jake Matthews straight killed him