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  1. Really seems like Schefter is working PR for the patriots and mcdaniels lately.
  2. From the coach himself. You have to stay aggressive https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/02/05/super-bowl-52-eagles-patriots-peter-king-mmqb
  3. The next two veteran quarterbacks in line for lucrative extensions are Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan. Rodgers has two years left on his deal, while Ryan is entering the final season of his contract. Both former MVPs are overdue to receive deals that reset their compensation with the guys at the top of the financial charts, a group that currently includes Stafford, Derek Carr and Andrew Luck. Unfortunately for Atlanta and Green Bay, the negotiating parameters are about to change. Before, they were operating within a paradigm in which the highest-paid quarterback was Stafford. Now, it's going to be Cousins, and his deal is going to be a degree of magnitude larger than that of Stafford. Instead of negotiating from a position where the peak three-year value for a quarterback deal is $87 million, Ryan and Rodgers (and their agents) will be looking at something closer to $100 million over that same time frame. That's going to be extra money in their pockets. Don't be surprised to see the Falcons and Packers make renewed pushes to sign their quarterbacks before the Cousins deal lands.
  4. Our defense played almost twice as many snaps as NE did. Add on top of that going back on D in to OT the emotional toll and physical toll we had no chance.
  5. Unfortunately many do but it’s in their neighborhood friends ideas which are usually terrible
  6. Seems like it’s just his name being used and some investment money and all the day to day is being ran by actual dealership folks.
  7. Baseball and basketball have thought this for year but the MLS is getting uncomfortably close in some markets. I dont think AU will take over the Falcons spot but it’ll get to the point where they will be in the 2 spot. Much like abstract said, AU and Blank doing things differently than the MLS has done befor and that’s going after those big names in S. America.
  8. Both times at the stadium we’ve purchased both food and drinks. We usually make sure we eat befor the games and just buy a drink inside but with this prices that changed real quick.
  9. Only reason they’ve drafted Qbs is because Brady’s age and suspensions. Prior to these recent QBs being traded the last batch of QBs out of NE only played because Brady was hurt.
  10. If and when this becomes mainstream you will begin to see less teams punt and start going for it. The net difference in yardage at times is almost worth it. A few years ago they talked about this because I think Chip Kelly was using it.
  11. Hope you are ready for a good laugh. Courtesy of of our friends on Reddit
  12. Basketball has been having this issue for years. The NFL has had it for QBs since I can remember but now it’s affecting other positions too. Every college game I’ve watched they alway talk about a handful of players switching positions from RB to CB or TE to OL some positions are “easier” to transition to but some never should have moved. College is all about win now and as fast as possible regardless of need/skill at an NFL level.
  13. NFL is starting to have a shortage of capable O line because of the style of ball being played now in college. So even if we do get someone early they may not be any better than what we have this year.