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  1. DQ brought the big broom with him. I would really like to see where we sit at cap wise after this is all said and done.
  2. Probably for a different thread but I just connected those to dots. That would be awesome if we could score Cameron. Probably could be had at a decent price.
  3. Thought he said That about Calvin johnson,may have heard 2 different things
  4. Was just wondering the same thing and google searched the question and brought me to here lol
  5. Very good news. I'm really liking where we are going with this
  6. Def agree with Kane. Ill also add that there are some bigger fans and others. I live in Arizona and been fan since Vick became pro and stayed after. I get so hype when I see another falcon fan out here even give some high fives. On here some people will say you not a fan because you don't know every stat ot what not. Iv never been one to question anyone the more fans or bandwagon fan the better. Don't matter
  7. Man the announcers are not giving the falcons no love. But every other word is packers or rodgers
  8. Yea I highly doubt anything would happen. I give people a hard time everyday after July. I'll tell they would have to go to another store. Or take that off please or we can't help. Anything along those lines I've never had anyone get mad, usually they loosen up after. My manager does the same. When I got my falcons gear on I usually get comments when we are shopping around and always in good humor.
  9. I would say Ryan. If he has a great game that means roddy hd Jenkins and t-go would also have one
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