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  1. You won't win out because you will lose in New Orleans, but with Schaub being out, you most likely will win the rest of the games. The falcons always win the games that they are supposed to. You just lose to teams that are better than you.
  2. I hate to pizz on the party, ya boy did have a decent game, but who exactly are Tennessee's wide receivers? He had a decent game vs Minnesota but who is the #2 for them again???
  3. When it comes to the saints if they make plays in particular turnovers (which they haven't been doing) we will be fine. Our offense is good enough to win games with a little help from the D. I didn't say that the falcons need to be the Ravens or anything like that, I'm just going against the grain of this thread. Me personally, {with the exception of #s 20 and 25} I think your secondary sucks and hasn't improved. I also think you lbs are solid vs the run but get lost in coverage also. So to sum it all up, your defense has improved in rank overall because you run defense is currently a brick wall. The back end is still a liability. You might not get to realize that with your upcoming schedule until Brees puts up his usual 300 and two TDs in December or until you face Rogers again in the playoffs if you can make it that far.
  4. I never claimed that our defense is anything better than average, if that. They do make plays from time to time and that's all they need to do. Remember this is a thread about how great the falcon's defense is supposed to be. You can say you have a better defense than us, which might even be true, but our offense is much better than your defense so it doesn't matter. So how long have we been a mirage? The past 6 years? So what have you been during those years, including this one?
  5. Okay, well maybe your run defense is great, heck maybe even the best in the league. But I know in the case of the saints after the game they said they knew that they could throw and that was the gameplan. You can't pass every down and to your credit, when we did try to run, it didn't work out too well.But when we passed, the results were usually favorable.and yes every defense does have a weakness, but "vs the pass across the board" is more than a weakness. It's a combination of pass rush, linebackers in coverage, and secondary play.
  6. I'm not sure how good your run defense really is, it ranks pretty high but who has really tried to run when they know they can just pass all day?
  7. I'll say it again "quarterbacks have a rating of 134.5 when throwing at Atlanta's Dunta Robinson" aint no defending that
  8. ProFootbalFocus ProFootballFocus.com The Tim Tebow inept passing game helped the Revis numbers this week. QBs now have a rating of 18.3 when throwing at Revis ProFootbalFocus ProFootballFocus.com At the other end of the scale quarterbacks have a rating of 134.5 when throwing at Atlanta's Dunta Robinson.... Dude sucks. Any decent qb will throw to this side all game. Isn't that the same side Decoud plays on also? I saw #21 on the field yesterday too. I'd be surprised if Grimes gets another pass thrown at him for the rest of the year.
  9. I'm sorry yall but Ryan had some decent yardage stats today, but how many deep passes did he miss STRICTLY because of bad passes????? One pass to the endzone he had Douglas wide the **** open...all he had to do is throw the ball to the "F" (for falcons) in the endzone, instead he threw it to the "N" and the ball fell harmlessly incomplete. He did that junk several times during the game on deep throwz. All I could say is dam, I'm glad Ryan Sucks or else we would have been burnt.
  10. What's the over/under for how many passes he throws 10 feet over his wrs heads into the bench area? I say 3
  11. With Sean Payton and a plethora of weapons, and average qb can be effective in new Orleans. Brees makes great throws, but a lot are to wide open receivers. Daniel can do that at the least. Not to mention we do have four capable running backs. Great topic btw
  12. Slow down Tito, Jones finally broke out vs who? The stats about the qbs may be convincing to the naked eye, but there is so much more to be known, especially who was on those San Diego teams. And even though stats don't always tell the whole story, what were his numbers in that bad year? Finally you gotta ask does Ryan have the IT factor? Bobby Hebert won a bunch of games, was fiery but never won anything significant.
  13. I expect Drew Brees to feast off your back 7. That is actually not a stretch, he averages abusing them. BVG better come up with another amazing scheme, or else it will get real ugly. I can't wait to see your linebackers and safeties trailing behind Sproles and Graham. Grimes has what like 6 pics on Brees in his career? His supposed ownage of Brees is way overblown. If I recall correctly he made the amazing pic and caught basically a punt on a botched flea flicker. He has held it down in coverage, don't get me wrong, but if Brees is smart he'll just take the easier throws everywhere else on the field.
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