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  1. Always a Falcon fan but I was also a big Cowboy fan up until 78'. Loved Staubach. Guess I had to have one winning team to pull for during our down years. Also Jets fans but only because of Namath. The Falcons were always #1. If you watched football in south Ga you better be a Falcon or a Dolphin fan. Thats all we got to see. I didnt see a MNF game until about 74' cause we couldnt get an ABC station. And yea i lived and still live in the boonies. :P
  2. 27-17 Falcons with a surprising big day from TG.5 catches 84 yds with 1 TD. Turner grinds out 102 yds on 26 carries.Ryan is efficient,20 out of 28 for 238 yds with 2 TD's.Roddy gets doubled teamed most of the day but HD takes up the slack with 3 big catches for first downs.Snelling catches 2 screens that help us get the 10 point cushion. Defense plays lights out in 4th qtr picking 2 Rodgers passes deep in Falcon territory.
  3. The media seems to dwell on the things that GB did to lose the game,not that we had anything to do with it. I don't know how many times I have heard about Rodgers fumbling at the 1 yard line. But I have heard nothing about their final drive and the 4th and 1 desperation shovel pass to get a first down. That little pass not completed game over 17-10. Sure it was a great play but it was a bit lucky also. Just another example of the media's lovefest with GB.
  4. At least up in north Ga you can find Falcon stuff! Before I hooked up with wartownfalcon on here I had went to 2 Hibbett stores down here in south Ga looking for jerseys. Found 2 tee shirts and a few hats. Told both stores they need to get with the program,they missin out on some business!Don't even go to a Walmart and hope to find anything worth buying!
  5. Not at all. I will decked out in my Falcon red come Saturday.I did get to see some great ones though. Rice,Favre's homecoming game in 92', Steve Young. Even saw Young play the Falcons as a Buc in Tampa in 86'
  6. I have seen the Falcons play the 49ers 4 times including the 98 divisional. I went the first 2 times specifically to see Montana play. I'm still waiting. Went in 86', he was hurt,saw Jeff Kemp,10-10 tie. Went in 91' saw Young and Bono. Great game though,Billy Joe to Haynes. I always wanted to see Montana play becaise at the time and still today in my mind,he was the greatest QB out there. Guess I always caught him when he was hurt. I'm sure some of you got to see him play.I'm sure some out there saw the Dimry game....
  7. Ralph Norwood,lineman from LSU. Brad Beckman died the night of the Redskin game on 85. Horrible weather that night,ice everywhere.
  8. It was David,had Derrick stuck in my head for some reason. They called it a cocaine cocktail. That was a bad run for us. Croudip,Norwood and Beckman all died in close proximity of each other.
  9. What was Derrick Croudip's choice of drink?(supposedly killed him)
  10. I think you answered your own question there.Media is creating a running game for GB.
  11. I'm not so sure about the "you can't play like a 13-3 team in the playoffs" quote. Sure ,being in the playoffs you feel like you take it up a notch but you still do the things that got you to 13-3. No turnovers,protect the ball,play sound fundamental defense and get that offense rolling down the field methodically. Control the clock,keep Rodgers on the sideline.Score touchdowns when in the red zone. Those are the same things preached to them each day. Just gotta go out and execute.....
  12. You don't all of a sudden get a running game after 1 game!I'm still much more concerned with keeping Rodgers in check than Starks. The pack still has no running game to speak of.
  13. Be methodical and boring, on offense. If you do this,Rodgers doesn't have the ball very much. Be opportunistic on defense and make something happen. Play ST as you have all year. Those are my 3 keys to a victory.
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