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  1. yep, and if he were a centerfielder it would be a huge problem. He is not the best fielding 2nd basemen in the league or anything but he is alot better here than he was in Fla.
  2. Ugglas D has been pretty **** good since signing with the Braves reguardless of what some say
  3. so who would be our rival? I hate the Yankees but dont you think they would be considered the Mets rival more than ours?
  4. I think he will eventually come around as well, but until that time comes he needs to be moved to the 6th or 7th spot in the lineup. As many runs as we are scoring we would be scoring even more without an automatic out sitting in the 5 spot
  5. Dude looks lost this year. He has 5 homers which is decent but besides that dude has done very, very little. If he doesn't pick it up soon he needs to be moved back in the lineup. I wouldnt mind seeing Chipper and Heyward batting ahead of him in the next couple of weeks if things dont change.
  6. Are they only suspending 4 players or are these just the first 4 to be mentioned?
  7. compare a pic of him from 08 to now and tell me he didnt look to be in ten times better shape in 08
  8. to everyone talking about people not being able to get out of the ghetto. One of the very few privileges of living in GA is they will pay for your education. That includes people that live in the ghetto.
  9. dude havent you been making these type of threads for like 10 years now? We all understand your thoughts on global warming. Why do you feel the need to bring up the exact same stuff over and over and over again?
  10. dude is massive compared to 08 and if you honestly dont see that then thats some pretty deep denial you are in buddy.
  11. nah but Turner is fat. Difeerence between not being trim and being fat. Dude just needs to put in work in the offseason to get back to 08 form. I just dont think he has the desire to do so.
  12. am i the only one that notcied that Turner was the only one that they didnt ask to take his shirt off. Even they know he's a fat a$$
  13. thank god. This board was seriously lacking some Zimmerman, Trayvon talk.
  14. man I wish 2Pac was still around. He would hate what rap has turned into.
  15. Fatherless households definetley make it hard on the kids, but I dont see that ever changing. People just dont take marriage as serious as they use too.
  16. Man they spend 24 hours a day with Obama. They **** sure need to blow off a little steam from time to time
  17. i hope to be cheafing out at the age of 73. had to quit about a year ago but when i get to the point that i dont have to take drug tests i will **** sure go back to smoking.
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