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  1. Lmao I shouldn't have laughed at my Falcons like that but I did.
  2. My theory is Falcons don't have a consistent record of being a great team. But then again neither do college football teams. So who knows.... All I know is the city went nuts when Atlanta was going to the super bowl the potential is there.
  3. United broke records for attendance and sold out games last season.....One could argue they have already passed the Falcons in popularity in Atlanta. Or it might just be that you don't need PSL for season tickets with Atlanta United
  4. I literally haven't signed in for months but had to to now to say AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freaking Jay you made me lose it!!! Lmao
  5. Anyone have a picture of grimes breaking up that pass from stafford to Johnson from last year? That play always stood out to me. Can't find one anywhere.
  6. Lol the people who don't like the dirty bird or thinks it's lame are lame. EVERYONE did the dirty bird at one point. My friends teachers brothers parents fans from other teams were doing it. Bring it back we need some swag back.
  7. Actually now that I think about it....I think it was the injury in 09. Because he was still breaking off huge runs in 09 too. After the injury he meatbombed
  8. HOLY CRAP!!!! THIS!!!!!!!! Freaking Turner was fast in 08! He was breaking off these huge runs now he can barely get a 20 yard run. Freaking browns games his fatas$ couldn't even outrun that safety who he had blown past. Fat self run outta gas. He needs to lose weight. Matt Ryan was a beast in 08 too. He was actually chucking it downfield.
  9. What or who do we have to talk to/do to make this happen?
  10. Stupid freaking move!!! But they give Harry freaking douglas lil fragile skillet hands self a nice contract. Stupid.
  11. Is Osi a free agent? Was gonna start a thread but don't want a crash?
  12. An average receiver. Brees makes him look good IMO
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